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Seriah, Red Pill Junkie, and Joshua Cutchin on The Gralien Report - Feb 1, 2016

Area 51 Gralien Project BannerSeriah's second appearance on The Gralien Report. This time a roundtable with Red Pill Junkie and Joshua Cutchin on Consciousness...

From Micah's site...

"During hour two we are joined by a panel of researchers that includes blogger Red Pill Junkie, writer Joshua Cutchin, and podcaster Seriah Azkath as we continue to weigh the pros and cons of far-out “transhuman” future technologies. Then, as we consider the varieties of human experience of the future, and the kinds of modes through which we may eventually coexist with intelligences other than our own, we examine the controversial claims of a researcher named R. M. Santilli, who claims to have used a special telescope of his own design to uncover evidence of a new kind of presence in Earth’s skies. Can this “discovery” be confirmed independently, or is it purely the stuff of pseudoscience? Or, could this somehow fall someplace in between, in that Santilli’s pseudoscience may lead to an actual discovery of some legitimacy?"

Below you can listen to the last hour, or go here to get the full show. 


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