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The Unbinding and No One Will Save You - Nov 11, 2023

Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie to discuss, primarily, the films “The Unbinding” and “No One Will Save You”. Topics include Greg and Dana Newkirk, the “Hellier” series, Tyler Strand, a cursed object, social media and instant communication, director Karl Pfeiffer, Slavic neo-Paganism, the difficulties of recording paranormal activity, a broken Crucifix, demons vs Pagan entities, Santeria, a Ukrainian-American community in upstate New York, the band Zeal & Ardor, racist/fascist infiltration of the paranormal community, the Estes Method, 3-D scanning, Jeff Ritzmann, a strange incident in Gettysburg PA, interactions with goddesses, the graphic novel “The Invisibles”, John Lennon, the Church of Maradona, weird experiences of Latin American archeologists, magick and ritual, Reddit, crop circles and the strange experiences of artists who make them, the nature of hoaxes, Australian saucer nests, aliens vs demons, the films “Independence Day” and “District Nine”, Area 51, Bob Lazar, the various species of reported aliens, the Hopkinsville goblins, mantids, altered states of consciousness, Josh Cutchin, Whitley Strieber, Bud Hopkins, poltergeist activity, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, 1970’s era films, Michael Marshall’s novel “Bad Things”religious themes in “No One Will Save You”, a significant Renaissance painting, angels vs demons, the uncontrollability of UFOs, UAPs and cancer, morality between species, humans vs insects, Seriah’s encounter with a hornet, M. Night Shyamalan,, the film “Signs”, faith, different interpretations of events, the series ”Invasion”, the 1980’s TV series “V”, lack of motive for extraterrestrial invasions, Zachariah Sitchin, visitors’ quest for novel experiences, fiction and experimental thought, Joshua Cutchin’s novel “Them Old Ways Never Died”, and much more! This is a fascinating conversation with an all-time favorite guest, not to be missed!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Clockmen with White Whale


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