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Wandering the Road - Oct 29, 2023

Seriah is joined by Saxon and Vincent Treewell. Topics include Seriah’s strange experience with everything having a blue tint, the concept of resonance in magick and psy practice, Sara Lee Black, an experience with color resonance, an experience with a flash of light and a dog, John Edmunds who claimed to have killed alien greys with a sword, the Star Dust Ranch and a real estate ad for it, the books “The Wisdom of Wyrd” and “The Real Middle Earth” by Brian Bates, Irving Kirsch’s method of hypnotic priming, inducing a trance state, Allen Greenfield, a team of scammers repeatedly trying to hoax alien bodies in Latin America, Nazca mummies, John Greenewald, Jaime Maussan, the monetization of hoaxing, content vs background noise, clickbait, streaming media, AI generated video content, deepfake technology and its consequences, the Quiet Internet theory, reddit and bots, a bizarre encounter of police officers and firefighters interacting with a disembodied female voice coming from a sewer, Dr. Robert Sapolsky, materialist predestination vs free will, quantum entanglement and faster-than light-communication, the Mandela Effect, time travel and its effects, Michael Cremo and “Forbidden Archeology”, space-time, the observer effect, the Sinbad “Shazam” movie, ret-cons in film, the “Last Exit for the Lost” music show, “The Lovecraft Investigations” podcast, Mandela Effect vs misremembering, the bizarre phenomenon of the spelling of the word “dilemma”, the “Moonraker” scene between Jaws and the girl with/without braces, a changed Bible verse, popular misconceptions, Star Wars movie quotes and possible explanations, a misremembered quote by Bill O’Reily, a discovery of pre-Homo-Sapiens doing woodworking and creating buildings, standard archeology vs the scientific method, lost civilizations, the myth of constant progress, Darwin and imperial racism, Atlantis mysteries vs fantasies, the “Life After People” TV show, the fragility of modern information preservation, the “What’s Up with Mars” Instagram account, and much more! This was a really enjoyable, wide-ranging conversation!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast


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