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Dreams and High Strangeness with Suzanne Chancellor - July 8, 2023

Seriah is joined by experiencer, researcher, and blogger Suzanne Chancellor. Topics include spoon bending, Uri Geller, the Amazing Randy, Sarah Lee Black, Mike Clelland, Whitley Strieber, an intense reaction to the cover of “Communion”, precognitive dreams, a disturbing dream experience, a bizarre alien dream encounter, weird childhood experiences with lights, hypnosis, false memories, Brent Raynes, John Keel, a strange experience with a bus crash, OBEs, apparitions of the living, different explanations for ghosts, conceptions of time, multi-dimensional keys, a bizarre visual display of information, a dream experience with a wormhole, a bizarre incident going missing from her own home, an impressed mental message explaining dimensions, situations where people cannot see one another, Joshua Cutchin, Patrick Harper, a woman trapped on a Fairy Fort, David Paulides, one-off paranormal experiences, hauntings of new houses, window areas/weird energy spots, black eyed children, David Weatherly, a plantation haunted by a fictional character, the Philip Experiment, “The Secret”, a synchronicity involving money and a deer accident, magick, Wicca, angels, youthful DIY witchcraft, a Ouija board, the British Broadcasting Company’s (BBC) podcast “Limelight” , electrical phenomena connected to individuals, an incident of shocking a friend, power outages, stress and computers, a bizarre, multi-synchronistic experience involving a fireball coming out of a lake, precognition vs retro causality, Point Pleasant and the Mothman, Psi research at Cornell University, Dr. Daryl Bem, banshees, Jeff Ritzman and Jeremy Vaeni, anomalous lights, a weird sighting in Hollywood, Carl Jung, the imaginal realm, and much more! This is an absolutely fascinating conversation, not to be missed!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music: Mantra "Natural Oasis / Starzdom"


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