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Wandering the Road with Natalie and Saxon - May 27, 2023

Seriah is joined by Super Infra Man and Natalie for a wide-ranging discussion. Topics include a weird pebble-throwing experience, strange orbs in a cemetery, orbs at a shrine in Korea, Oz effect at a cemetery, UFOs over lakes, a listener’s theory of paranormal phenomenon, Greg Bishop, DMT, Rick Strassman, Bill Hicks, Ayahuasca, shared psychedelic trips, linguistics, shared dreams, Natalie’s experiences with Heather, The Ungoogleable Michelangelo, synchronicities, a bizarre shared dream, brain tumors, a listener comment against experiencers, an analogy between the Other and weather phenomenon, mundane explanations for the unexplained, “The Invisible Gorilla”, an angry listener rants against discussion of the paranormal, militant material-reductionist atheism, frontiers in science, “unknown unknowns”, the analogy of the fish in the fishbowl, the academic humanities fields showing interest in the paranormal, Jeffrey Kripal, documenting dreams, Saxon’s childhood experiences in a haunted house, high strangeness running in families and being affected by location, Seriah’s two bizarre recent dream experiences, folklore about little people, Timothy Renner, Natalie’s recent strange dreams, Seriah and Natalie seemingly sharing a dream and then a character appearing in real life, oddly over-dressed people in summer, bizarre electronic tones, Timothy Renner recording a sleep paralysis experience, Natalie’s very strange electronic sleep paralysis incident while in a college class, Saxon’s first lucid dream, simulation theory, Natalie and Heather encounter a very weird man in a forest, “Odin the wanderer”, the “Paratopia” podcast, Jeff Ritzmann, Jeremy Vaeni, a reoccurring character in both Natalie and Heathers’ dreams, Norse mythology, archetypes, Saxon’s fascinating friend, Natalie’s extensive ongoing dream, John Keel, strangely behaving aircraft, extremely odd but apparently normal people, the experience of being someone else’s entity, Natalie’s “Self-portraits As Other People” podcast and an intense psychedelic encounter, being controlled by other entities and/or parts of our minds, Saxon’s ketamine experience and an apparent vision of his higher self from his youth, one of Seriah’s sleep paralysis experience and a bizarre synchronicity, a weird experience with the “name game”, and much more! This is a thoroughly fascinating conversation!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Elusive Travel with Art of Letting Go


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