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High Strangeness with Jeremy Vaeni - May 13, 2023

Seriah is joined by Super_inframan and author, researcher, and experiencer Jeremy Vaeni. Jeremy brings his unique, sarcastic sense of humor. Topics include an experience with the late Jeff Ritzmann, strange light phenomenon, the Paratopia podcast, Project Archivist, UFO disclosure, George Hansen, David Jacobs, Bud Hopkins, Emma Woods, hypnotic regression, alien abduction phenomenon, UFO Magazine, Nancy Burns, Peter Robbins, Carol Rainey, Brooklyn Bridge Abduction, Hopkin’s misconduct, Paul Kimball, abduction as a spiritual experience, lack of progress in paranormal fields, a bizarre ghost hunting experience in Gettysburg, electronics in paranormal research, an experience with a Theremin, an encounter with a dark formless entity, a lost tape, Jeff Ritzmann’s strange experience with a female apparition, the trickster element in high strangeness, a very weird light incident, Whitley Streiber’s novel “2012: The War for Souls”, Mac Tonnies, kundalini energy, a weird encounter in a field, a strange orb/ball of light experience, multiple explanations for paranormal phenomenon, cognitive dissonance, nonsensical actions of entities, aliens with outdated technology, Bigfoot showing up in suburban areas, anomalous ghost hunting EVPs, southern Lizardman sightings, Seriah’s bizarre EVP recording, fox sounds, ghost hunters fooled by coyotes, cougar encounters, Saxon’s experience with a weird massive snake, an encounter with a bizarre, possibly folkloric entity in Japan, the limits of perception and the human brain, linguistics, Noam Chomsky, the importance of language to forming an understanding, the Lakota language, the Australian Indigenous language, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, the exclusiveness of the discussion about space, “The Infinite Now” podcast, Jeremy’s book “Aliens: The First and Final Disclosure”, humor and high strangeness, absurdity in the paranormal, Native Hawaiian worldview, cultural appropriation, George Hansen and Trickster theory, an alleged dancing figurine of the Virgin Mary, ego in the paranormal world, Steven Greer, Kim Carlsberg, Zachariah Sitchin, human/alien hybrid theory, channeling, spiritual grifting, Scott Lilienfeld and hypnosis, and much more! This is a one of a kind, wide-ranging and delightful conversation!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music by The Jon Stickley Trio with "Darth Radar".


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