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Sasquatch Canada with Travis Watson: Part 2 - April 29, 2023

Seriah is again joined by author and researcher Travis “W.T.” Watson for the second half of a two-part episode to discuss his latest book “Sasquatch Canada: Beyond British Columbia” and related subjects. Topics include an incident of a woman being approached by multiple hostile Sasquatch, liminality, ultrasound, vocalization, the obvious physical differences between Sasquatch and bears, a Bigfoot with arthritis, co-creation, flesh-and-blood theories of Sasquatch aging, Indigenous lore about Sasquatch predations upon humans, Sasquatch as a thought-form, the human tendency to anthropomorphize, paranormal entities mimicking physical creatures, Joshua Cutchin, illness caused by spirits, differences in vibrations between beings, the fear and stigma of ridicule among experiencers, a Native man’s collected notes and sketches of a Sasquatch encounter, paranormal encounters as life-changing events, silent experiencers, an encounter with a possible time-traveler, high strangeness, cross-over amongst weird phenomena, paranormal reality TV, “Finding Bigfoot”, normalizing strange encounters, the Alberta Sasquatch Organization, Big Foot Research Organization, an encounter by a special forces soldier with a deer-hunting Sasquatch, “Samurai chatter”, talking Bigfoot on a military base in Ontario, skepticism vs debunking, “logical” explanations that are less plausible than paranormal phenomenon, the difficulties of cellphone photography in the moment, the challenges of photographic fakery, the illusion of “proof”, human reactions under stress and surprise, police training vs performance in actual shootings, the fear factor in paranormal encounters, “SCP Archives” podcast, a testimonial from a forestry worker in Ontario, Sasquatch appearing as a haystack, PTSD from a Sasquatch encounter, people traumatized by abduction experiences, the folly of categorizing Forteana, the Ape Canyon incident and the unmentioned parts, “Where the Footprints End” by Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner, Doug Hajicek, “MonsterQuest” TV episodes, Jeff Meldrum, Curt Nelson, a high strangeness Bigfoot encounter where people slept through rock-pelting and the walls shaking, the Heiberts’ unusually clear Sasquatch photos, Bigfoot instantly vanishing, anomalous tracks, unmarked helicopters and clandestine Canadian government activity, and much more! There are many fascinating experiences here and insightful speculation on what they may mean!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is by Dufus with Anouk


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