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Sasquatch Canada with Travis Watson - Part 1: April 22, 2023

Seriah is joined by author and researcher Travis “W.T.” Watson to discuss his latest book “Sasquatch Canada: Beyond British Columbia” and related subjects. Topics include an incident of a Bigfoot near a major freeway, the vastness of Canada and the populations of wild animals, an 1895 encounter by miners with a massive Sasquatch, confusions between Bigfoot and bears, the consistent ineffectiveness of guns against the beings, the enmity between Sasquatch and dogs, Sasquatch physique compared to gorillas, a limping Bigfoot, the classic 1969 encounter in Alberta at a bridge construction site, “impossibly” tall Sasquatches, the Patterson-Gimlin film, Indigenous people’s sightings and beliefs, height differences in humans and Bigfoot, allegations of hoaxes, the smooth gait of Sasquatch, people killed hoaxing Bigfoot, the prevalence of berry bushes, David Paulides, a bizarre incident of a young woman and her mother confronted by a Bigfoot in the middle of the night, Sasquatch’s stench, weird vocalizations, the Alberta Sasquatch Organization, an anonymous bear hunter’s terrifying experience, tree-shaking and other ape-imitative behavior, Sasquatch’s incredible physical strength, up-close sightings, lore of feral humans, a 1941 incident of a Sasquatch killed by a young Native man, disappearing bodies, the Traverspine Gorilla, Bigfoot curiosity and “peeping” behavior, the “Archive 81” podcast, three-toe tracks, Sasquatch podiatry and trackways, Stan Gordon, six and seven-toe tracks, an Indigenous young woman’s encounter with a “non-bear” that seems to have saved her life, wilderness search and rescue, survival tactics, Thom Powell’s “The Locals” book, Bigfoot saving people’s lives, the 2019 case in North Carolina of three-year-old Casey Hathaway being saved by a mysterious “bear” in freezing conditions, Fae and guardian spirits, Paul Bestall, black dogs, and much more! A seemingly specific topic yields a great deal of fascinating discussion!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is from Dyspläcer with the song "Kuma Kaiju"


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