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High Strangeness with Natalie and Barbara - Jan 21, 2023

Seriah welcomes two long-time experiencers, Natalie and Barbara (who is also the host of “6 Degrees of John Keel”). Their experiences make for a fascinating discussion. Topics include an extremely intense interconnected dream, dream journaling, Seriah’s strange encounter with a hooded man on a scooter, owls in bizarre locations, the difficulties of photographing paranormal activity, orbs and glowing humanoids, the light spectrum, the Moscow Idaho murders, a weird tornado warning, repeating dreams of snow in August, liminal time periods, strange footsteps, mysterious loud sounds, a weird incident with a candle, raccoon behavior, indoor recordings, a cat shows up and lives in Seriah’s house, animals’ paranormal perceptions, bizarre phone calls in Seriah’s youth, unintended EVPs, an associate of Barbara experiences high strangeness, psychically destroying and healing computers, hormones and paranormal phenomena, Greg Bishop and the “Radio Misterioso” podcast, a black squirrel, Natalie’s youthful encounter with coyotes and an owl, encountering a parliament of 4-5 great horned owls as an omen, an unnatural disappearing and re-appearing cell phone, taken and returned objects, an encounter with a Pixie or Brownie-type entity, Natalie and her co-experiencer Stephanie share an encounter and a ritual, Seriah’s strange experiences with a Baphomet necklace, deer experiences, Natalie’s ongoing experiences with a specific Fae entity, an underworld Deity and curing plagues, spirits and Fae controlling their appearance, medieval Christian syncretism, Ashland Burns, Morgan Daimler, non-human intelligent entities, spirits using the images of the dead, and much more! This is some riveting, often quite personal, conversation!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Sleep Dread from Vrangvendt


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