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AMA Show - Dec 17, 2022

Seriah is joined by Super Inframan and Wren Collier for an Ask Me Anything episode. Topics include Graham Hancock, racism in 19th and 20th century academia, Wisdom Kings from the East, Franz Boas, lost ancient civilizations, Doggerland, great flood myths, catastrophism, solar flares, the Carrington Event of 1859, Oak Island, lost history, treasure hunting, Seriah’s choice of hair care products, invoking entities and the veil, the Trinity test site at White Sands NM, magickal practice and geographic location, Wren’s encounter with a wasp, animal consciousness, dreams and reality, time dilatation, REM sleep, 10 years of WDTRG, psi research, To The Stars Academy, the state of paranormal research, Greg Bishop, Joshua Cutchin, Allen Greenfield’s The Secret Cipher of the Ufonauts, Jack Brewer, UFOs and government psyops, milabs, George Adamski, psychological manipulation and experimentation, Betty and Barney Hill, hypnosis, poltergeist activity, the visible and non-visible light spectrum, facial recognition software, Loren Coleman, the Ape Canyon Bigfoot story, the Bigfoot museum in Georgia, “woo” Bigfoot, dogmatic explanations in the paranormal community, the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis as one of many possibilities, alien astral projection, the Seth material, sorcerers from other planets, the nature of time and information traveling into the past, para-causality, multiple dimensions and free will, Seriah’s recommendation for a fiction podcast, the relative rarity of ghosts, 16th century physician/astrologer and philosopher Paracelsus and his views on ghosts, the Stone Tape Theory, multiple theories of the nature of ghosts, a time-related bizarre ghost story from John E.L. Tenney, magick and art, ritual magick explained by an analogy to cooking, chaos magick, the Crypto-Terrestrial Theory, Mac Tonnies, nuclear fusion, the importance of open-mindedness and speculation in understanding the paranormal, the fictional podcast “Archive 81”, and much more! This is a free-wheeling discussion that covers some fascinating material!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music by Worm Quartet with A Worm Quartet Christmas


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