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Miracles, Saints, and Dreams with Tim Renner - Dec 10, 2022

Seriah welcomes author, visual artist, musician, paranormal researcher/investigator, and podcaster Timothy Renner for a one-on-one discussion. Topics include saints of different types, Tim’s new podcast “The Flowered Path”, his existing podcast “Strange Familiars”, Saint Leonard and the Dragon, disappearing audio, Toad Road, the visions and wonders and secrets of Fatima, Jacques Vallee, Marian apparitions, a large hairy hominid sighting, apparently divine scents, Catholicism, alternative interpretations, UFOs, angels, the Miracle of the Dancing Sun, messages from entities, witness statements, theology, the nature of prayer, a religiously-based paranormal series of events in Spain in the 1960’s (Our Lady of Garabandal, The Warning and the Miracle), Greg Little, apparitions at a Coptic church in Zeitoun Egypt, limitations of human perception, John Keel, actions by people in trance mode, a personal experience with unexplained beautiful smells, the concept of authority, punk rock and anarchy, the problem of gurus, the documentary film “Kumare”, different paths of spirituality, Mary Magdalene vs the Blessed Virgin Mary, perceptions of the Phenomena and the mindset one brings to it, overcoming fear, personal experiences with negative paranormal activity, ghost boxes, shamanic experiences, poltergeist activity, the concept of proof, experts, photography of the paranormal, dreams, flesh and blood Bigfoot vs experiential phenomena, Joshua Cutchin's, sleep paralysis, the nature of sleeping states of consciousness, dream journals, the nature of self, information received in dreams, personal dream experiences, Indigenous cultures approach to dreams, an incident from the late-1800’s airship flap, recording dream recollections, recurring dreams and places found only in dreams, and much more! This is a truly delightful and fascinating conversation!

- Vincent Treewell

Outro is Lean Christmas from Devo Spice


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