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Exploring Kundalini Weirdness with Jeremy Vaeni - Nov 12, 2022

Seriah welcomes author and experiencer Jeremy Vaeni to discuss kundalini and their personal experiences with it. Topics include Jiddu Krishnamurti, Theosophy, Buddhism, positive negation, bliss, heart-centered vs brain-centered, the ego/individual personality, transcendental enlightenment, kundalini rising suddenly, “truth is a pathless land”, perception vs reality, Christopher Walken, Llewellyn new age books, kundalini awakening as an uninitiated adolescent, John White, kundalini perceived as an outside spiritual attack, chakras, Ken Wilber, Shirley MacLaine and commercialization, enlightenment vs after-effects, the trap of seeking, tantra, kundalini and physical pain/health problems, hallucinogens, an experience with mushrooms, kundalini healing, differences in “controlling” or “directing” kundalini energy, lack of bruising, involuntary physical movements, blockages, pulsating energy, sleep healing and immunity to illness, kundalini and covid-19, a strange experience with bruising, the big unknowns in the human condition, kundalini and emotions, bodily experiences of temperature, electrical experiences, orgone energy, other phenomena causing apparent kundalini experiences, kundalini as a independent intelligent force, poltergeist activity, NDEs, poltergeist experiences with a stereo and CDs, the band AC/DC and other classic metal music, industrial and pop music, kundalini and sex drive, Seriah’s teenage kundalini hallucinations, visual and audible awareness experiences, non-locality, OBEs, glowing during meditation or mystical experiences, scientific study of meditation, healing through kundalini therapy, the male/female divide of kundalini, trauma as a common factor in paranormal phenomena, sexual assault, diabetes and its complications, the shamanic experience, kundalini and personal insights, synchronicities, and much more. Jeremy, as usual, brings a witty, sarcastic take to the subject. This a very interesting deep dive episode!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music from 50 Dollar Dynasty with Aeturnum


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