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Jeremy Vaeni on Alien Disclosure, Consciousness, and Reality - Oct 8, 2022

Seriah interviews experiencer, author, and paranormal researcher Jeremy Vaeni. Topics include Ufology, high strangeness, skepticism vs debunking, discernment, materialist-reductionist atheism as a religion in itself, crop circles, strange inspirations to build crop formations, Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado, the mental security of set beliefs, government disclosure, denialist movements, Neil deGrasse Tyson, UFOs vs UAPs, military technology, Lou Elizondo, Bob Lazar, Jeremy Corbell, the ineffectiveness of photography in UFO research, Jeff Ritzmann, a bizarre personal encounter with a cougar and public backlash, the feeling of being watched by aliens, “scoff monkeys”, Tyler Kokjohn, John Mack and Oprah Winfrey, misunderstandings of the abduction experience, Whitley Streiber, the violation aspect of abduction, humor as a defense mechanism, remote viewing, psi research, inaccurate predictions, Joseph McMoneagle, ostrich meat, NDEs, human interaction with “aliens” and obsession with technology, anthropomorphism, Laird Scranton and the Dogon people, Indigenous perception vs Western perception, Rendlesham Forest incident, Nick Redfern, military psyops, George Hansen, Richard Doty, Ufology gullibility, paranormal experiences and shamanic journeys, abduction experiences and self-discovery, levels of understanding in paranormal ideas, hostile argument vs persuasion, extraterrestrials outside human expectations, the UFO experience and ceremonial Magick, and much more! Jeremy is extremely witty and sarcastic, making this a very entertaining episode!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music by One-Eyed Doll with Brief Candle


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