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Magick, AI, and LOAB - October 1, 2022

Seriah is joined by Taylor Bell, Wren Collier, and Nathan Isaac to discuss Artificial Intelligence. Topics include AI art and the (possible) entity Loab, the Langford Basilisk, Blit, Delta Green, The Laundry Files, haunting images, AI art and ceremonial Magick, machine learning and AI generated languages, random word generation, cybernetic feedback loops, channelbot, pseudo randomness, AI created sigils, Shannon entropy threshold, AI and divination, AI and channeling, the human element in Magick, ceremonial Magick rituals as an algorithm, AI as a puppet, the question of what has a soul, Animism, Magick and sentience, the metals and crystals that form computers, surveillance technology and the feedback loops it could create, spirits inhabiting technology, the sci-fi trope of “downloading” a human mind/personality, data mining to create a simulation of dead people, Black Mirror, The Subjective Truth, advancing eras of using technology to contact the dead, Fredrick Jorgensen and EVP, spirits presenting false identities, The Vertical Plane by Ken Webster, the Dodleston messages, Instrumental Trance Communication (ITC), poltergeist activity and technology, deception by spirits, the ancient Chinese origin of the planchet, Ouija boards and their dangers, memetic viruses, humans manipulated by spirits, Dune and a solution to technological dangers, the “Gulf Breeze Six”, William Cooper, hyperstitions, Jorge Luis Borges and the alteration of reality, the Cybernetic Cultural Research Unit (CCRU), science fiction as hyperstition, Russian Roulette, The Deer Hunter, hollow Earth narratives, manipulation of society through mythology, counter-measures to weaponized mythology, entities moving from AI to being tulpas, The Back Rooms, and much more! This is absolutely fascinating discussion!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Unverkalt with Wretched Man


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