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Origins of the Gods with Greg Little - Sept 24, 2022

Seriah hosts researcher, author, diver, and psychologist Gregory Little. Topics include UFOs, Carl Jung, Native American beliefs, electromagnetic fields, Joan of Arc, Edgar Cayce, the light spectrum, the Schumann resonances, U.S. Navy experimentation, Michael Persinger and the God helmet, EMF pollution and mental illness, possible dangers of cell phones, John Keel, contactees, fear of nuclear war, archetypes, psychoids, psychological projection, Whitley Streiber, the temporary nature of the paranormal, window areas and portals, the comfort of both debunking and fixed beliefs vs. the uncertainty of facing the unknown, Native American mound builders and their beliefs, two-part souls, Graham Hancock, celestial soul journeys, the ancient Hebrew concept of the Guf, reincarnation, resurrection, ancient American monuments pre-dating those in Egypt and Turkey, Zahi Hawass, ancient mounds discovered at Louisiana State University, South American ancient history and archeology, Atlantis, post-ice age flooding, the path to the stars, shamans, flashes of light accompanying paranormal incidents, psychological testing of experiencers, a bizarre personal encounter, Emanuel Swedenborg, Transient Intrusions of Intelligent Manifesting Energy (TIIME), plasma, Philip J.Klass, Jacques Vallee, plasma creation by lazer, dusty plasmas, exotic plasmas, apparently living and even intelligent plasma, Harley Rutledge and the scientific study of a UFO flap and his bizarre personal experiences, the Yakima UFO flap and sightings of bigfoot and other cryptids, tectonic strain, the smell of sulfur, an explanation for the "tic tac" UAPs, advanced Navy weapons, government repository libraries, EMF mind control and message sending, August C. Roberts, Carl Sagan, and much more! This is fascinating, wide-ranging discussion!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Breath by Vrangvendt



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