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Mysteries of the Unexplained: Part 2 - August 28, 2022

Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie, Super Infra Man, and Chris Ernst to discuss stories from the Fortean classic "Readers' Digest Mysteries of the Unexplained". Topics include a hurricane in Britain, volcanoes on the moon, ball lightning, an astronomer's sighting of a bright light on the moon, a weird fog in colonial Connecticut, W.T. Watson, a mirage of an entire city in Ireland, Jeremy Corbell and Skinwalker Ranch, Fata Morgana, Hy Brasil, co-ocurring earthquake and sunspots and howling sounds, an astronomer's sighting of a micro-planet within Earth's orbit, Tabby's Star, rogue planets, dark days and strange clouds, volcanic activity, forest fires, fire tornadoes, meteorites and lightning, the planet Vulcan, assumptions in science, big discoveries and citizen scientists, a flaming cylinder, Dr. James E. McDonald and fire tornadoes, lunar lights, energy sources on the moon, helium-3, strange bubbles, the yellow day, pyramids or horns appearing on the moon, a bizarre cloud, a wave of darkness in Oshkosh Wisconsin, a dust storm on Mars, strange episodes of darkness, causeless fires, a transient shadow on the moon, a lost Soviet Mars probe, life on Mars, Tesla's received signals, Edison vs Tesla, free energy, Marconi and the death ray, volcanoes and UFOs, the Ufology Tarot deck, a trench-digging fireball, a freakish blast of heat, a weird electrical encounter, an object orbiting Earth, activity in the solar system, a meteor in Russia, public reaction to disclosure, bizarre indoor ball lightning, Garry Nolan and Christopher "Kit" Green, and much more! This is wide-ranging, fascinating discussion!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music from DramaScream with Fire


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