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Listener Stories - Aug 20, 2022

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst and Super Infra Man to read and discuss listener stories. Topics include a bizarre encounter with a medium/psychic, free will vs. predistination, the nature of time and reality, energy "sucking", chakras, experiences with unexplainable true predictions, "fixed points", a Vedic analogy for free will and karma, a vintage ouija board story that must be heard, Paul Weston, Glastonbury, paranormal events during and after a trip to plantations and graveyards, a disturbing shadow person entity, a hostile encounter with a spirit eagle on a Native American reservation, a huge humanoid running along the freeway, a terrifying experience at the scene of a tragedy, unexplainable handprints, poltergeist activity, weird areas of New Mexico, lights vs. eyes, Pukwudgies, egregores, the appearance of a strange woman co-inciding with a sudden fever, a bizarre encounter in the Philippines involving a weird man and dogs, Aswangs,vistations from the deceased, Odin, dreams, hypnagogic states, "the time I met God", LSD, universal knowledge, psychedelics and/or meditation, consciousness, illusions encountered during trips, "Yogi Medicine", a fascinating anecdote from Ram Dass, plusses and minuses of psychedlic use, personal experiences, Jeff Kripal and Kali, the Yogic conception of each human having multiple types of bodies, disembodied voices and paranormal activity in an apartment, a hat man visit, "Mother Goose" and strange music, a camper encounters a goblin-like entity, the light spectrum, a bizarre Irish experience involving Fae music and a dancing jacket, a visit from a weird threatening entity, life stress and the paranormal, liminality, and much more! These are some fascinating stories and engrossing discussion!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast


Outro Music by Vrangvendt with the song "What Happiness Feels Like"

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