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Steve Stockton - National Park Mysteries: Book 2 - May 21, 2022

Seriah welcomes author, researcher and experiencer Steve Stockton. Topics include Dogman, Yosemite National Park, missing persons, anomalous lightning strikes, a victim of bizarre repeated lightning strikes, experienced outdoorspeople vanishing seemingly instantly, a cover-up of a missing child, Missing 411 and David Paulides, past disappearances now solved, pre-1940 cryptid reports, wild men, anomalous "gorillas" in the U.S., Timothy Renner, feral chickens, Native American lore, fish women, entities that push people with unnatural winds, a mysterious mist, the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, the Indian Removal Act, little people and Bigfoot across cultures, Cry Baby Bridges, ghostly hitchhikers, a legendary Filipino vampire, Joshua Tree National Park, Graham Parsons, U2, Bill Melder, strange beings in the wilderness, being Fae-led and anomalously disoriented, hallucinogenic plants, incidents of sudden total silence, Mount Shasta, power spots, people drawn to certain areas, unmarked graves in the desert, Mafia activity in Los Angeles and Los Vegas, Paul Miller, Bill Ewasko, the Joshua Tree Inn, profiles and circumstances of people who go missing, boulder fields, search and rescue mysteries, shadow figures speaking in the voices of loved ones, Laura Bradbury, law-enforcement cover-ups vs. incompetence, Steve's personal experiences and encounters, a séance for Graham Parsons, Guy and Edna Ballard, "I AM" movement, Count of Saint Germain, Lemuria, lava tube caves in Mount Shasta, the "Robot Granny" incident, unusual Bigfoot mother and child encounters, Atlantis and Mu, Russian exploration/colonization on the west coast, the Great Smokey Mountains, Pluto Cave, hidden residents of Mount Shasta, earth lights, and much more! This content-packed episode leaves me waiting for the patreon!

- Vincent Treewell

Outro Music Haishen with Leviathan live on The Last Exit for the Lost


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