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Strange Disappearances - Part 2 of 2: May 15, 2022

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst and Octavion Graves to continue the discussion of Brad Steiger's book Strange Disappearances. Topics include Brad Steiger himself, objects falling from the sky- including monkeys, salamanders, meat, and a huge non-meteorite stone; angel hair phenomenon, rains of blood, a mysterious dead elephant, the impossible appearance and disappearance of a tiger in Britain, a man disappearing in South Africa and awaking in the U.S., the sudden appearance of a naked man, amnesia, the "devil's breath" drug-induced robberies, an Irish boy who disappears in America and reappears in South Africa, a man who shows up in Germany claiming to be from a country and city that don't exist, people who speak only non-existent languages, visitors from Venus, the green children, a disappearance/re-appearance from New Zealand to London, UK; abductions and returns, bizarre amounts of ice falling from the sky, anomalous weather, strangely targeted falls of weird inanimate objects, the waterspout explanation for falls of small water creatures, the Solway spaceman picture and it's strange connections, photographic anomalies and fakery, analog vs. digital photography and film, the Patterson-Gimlin film, problems of evidence and fakery, Octavion's experience on a ghost tour, Greg Bishop's It Defies Language, bizarre shootings where no bullet is ever found, sporadic waves of window shatterings, epidemics of windshield breaking and pitting, a "dinosaur" or dragon in 1970 Italy, demonology, paranormal publishing, John Keel, and much more! This is some fascinating, wide-ranging discussion.

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is In Coldness from ...And Here I Lie


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