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Strange Disappearances: Part 1 - April 30, 2022

Seriah hosts Chris Ernst, Super Infra Man, and Taylor Bell for a discussion of Brad Steiger's 1972 book "Strange Disappearances". Topics include vintage Fortean writings, David Paulides, Donald Lee Baker and Brenda Howell, Devil's Den AR, Terry Lovelace, strange companions that assist lost people, Charles Holden, Mendocino Triangle, "alien" abduction experiences, ritual and paranormal encounters, Captain Charles G. Reed, UFOs and disappearances, ball lightning, fata morgana, USOs, Thor Heyerdahl, Polynesian navigation using undersea lights, te lapa, a car vanishing into the Los Angelos sewers, time storms, seven missing truckers (and trucks) in a short time in the UK, a vanishing man in a cape, Batman in movies and comics, Dixie Lee Arensen, Thomas "Tommy" Eldon Bowman, a possible confession by a serial killer, strange letters, Earl and Dolly Kirk, mundane explanations, Thomas P. Meehan's bizarre death and timeline, Cotard's Syndrome, Per "Dead" Ohlin, the film "After Life" starring Christina Ricci, Peggy Bueller and the disappearance of Patricia Meehan, false serial killer confessions, Henry Lee Lucas, missing time in a forest, and much more!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is Away by Eden Cantu


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