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Strange Dominions with Octavion Graves - April 23, 2022

Seriah hosts podcaster and student of the occult Octavion Graves. Topics include the intersection of the occult and the paranormal, esotericism, demons as scare tactics in paranormal media, skinwalkers, Djinn, Bigfoot, strange experiences with deer, personal experiences with rituals in nature, astrology, blues music, a ghost tour encounter, Bigfoot hunting, strange lights, a disturbing silence, a Bigfoot encounter that had a different explanation, stick strctures, odd sounds and calls, a high strangeness encounter with a very peculiar tree, sleep paralysis and a most unusual shadow person, synchronicities, Hecate, Norse folklore and tradition, Animism, Solomonic magick, woo Bigfoot, communication with non-human intelligent entities, ghosts vs. spirits, a friend's encounter with shadow people, the band Grave Gnosis, magickal practice and ritual, Pagan spirituality, dream experiences, psychedelics, an unusual mushroom experience, psychological depression, the primal nature of music, the band Pyogenesis, new age literature, meditation, Wicca, D.J. Conway, a strange meditation experience, binaural beats, quartz, post-Covid mental effects, an experience while meditating to dark music, magick vs. mysticism, paranormal investigation as an occult practice, external vs. internal existence of spirits, Seth and channeling, symbology, Carlos Castañeda, DMT, dogmatic materialism, skepticism vs debunking, and much more!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music by New Animal with Nothing Here


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