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Wandering the Road - April 9, 2022

Seriah welcomes Super_Inframan and Adam Sayne to a wide-ranging discussion. Topics include Roswell (the actual city in New Mexico), Los Alamos, Carlsbad Caverns, Billy the Kid lore, a radio synchronicity, the Meow Wolf experience, International UFO Museum, rocket scientist Robert Goddard, alien kitsch, White Sands National Park and nuclear test range, James Shelby Downard mythos, the Trinity site, Jack Parsons, Penny Royal podcast, hoaxing and disinformation, Bigfoot pranking with deadly consequences, 80's Chinese Yeti confusion, ancient Australia, experiences in the Outback, Aboriginal Dreamtime, technology and consciousness, "the anti-life equation", brainwaves of the dying, NDEs, materialist reductionism in science, Rice University "Archives of the Impossible" conference, Jacques Vallee, astronomical anomalies, Havana Syndrome, cold war energy weapons, "targeted individuals" and extra-low-frequency technology, and much more! OMG, this is a wonderful free-form conversation!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is Brothers from Chaos with Alone


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