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Weird Locations, Strange Geometry, and Magick - Feb 26, 2022

Seriah welcomes Taylor Bell, Wren Collier, and Chris Ernst for wide-ranging discussion. Topics include "the Skinwalker Ranch of the South", a magickal ritual performed at night, spirit boxes, "living geometry", glow worms, synchronicities, vampire and Fae folklore surrounding counting, Nathan Issacs and "Penny Royal", co-creation of paranormal phenomena, guidance from the higher self, the human body as a portal, death and the paranormal, ghost hunting paraphernalia, reincarnation and other realms, Nag Hammadi scrolls and Gnostic appocryphal texts, a possible 5 dimensional universe, new age vibration theory, the subtle body and subtle organs, the reality of the imaginal, multi-dimensional sigils, inner monologue and intuition and language, the Tower of Babel, Ramsey Dukes, communication without verbal language, telepathy, "Amazon Beaming" by Petru Popescu, an encounter with the spirit of a dead friend, Terence McKenna, untranslatable/inexpressible ideas, oral vs. written language, "The Bicameral Mind" by Julian Jaynes, the multiple minds within our personalities, ancient ways of thinking, dreams, visualization in sports, and much more!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is Lee Lee the Wondergirl from Psyche Corporation



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