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The Strange Experiences of Vincent Treewell - Feb 19, 2022

I was honored to be a guest, along with Taylor Bell from the Green Lion Podcast, and talk about some weird incidents. Topics include an encounter with an entity that may have been an OBE human, synchronicities, a John E.L. Tenney ghost story, an encounter with a serpent, liminality, poltergeist activity, missing/re-appearing objects, a home-made ritual, spirits, reincarnation, the survival of personality after death, unseen bedroom invaders and invasive dreams, hungry ghosts, tulpas, tantra, sex magic, sigils, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, chaos magic, a doppelganger experience, multiverse theory, the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, a peculiar cryptid sighting, woo bigfoot, perceptions that seem normal at first but turn out to be impossible, Timothy Renner and the phantom airplane, "the 4th of July Guy", a possible Fae encounter, enchanting music, and much more!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is by Paganlord with Verrain.


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