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The Wild Hunt - Feb 12, 2022

Seriah hosts Barbara Fisher, Taylor Bell, and Joshua Cutchin to discuss the phenomena and folklore of the Wild Hunt. Barbara shares some fascinating personal experiences. Joshua explains cross-cultural folklore. Taylor discusses data analysis and the paranormal. Topics include witchcraft, the Fae, Odin, temporal lobe epilepsy, the hunt for souls and the tithe to hell, Whitley Strieber, Santa Claus, Dr. Michael Persinger, sounds related to paranormal experiences, the Harlequin, the Trickster, demons, Keel's Wednesday Phenomena, Albert Rosales' "Humanoid Encounters" books, Barbara & companys' humanoid database project, clowns, David Metcalf, "Fantasia", pagan deities, Chernobyl, Mothman, Nick Redfern, Fukushima, flying humanoids, thunderbirds, language and perception, "Communion", Pascagoula, types of non-human entities, ancient alien theories, the underworld/middleworld/upperworld, Katharine Briggs' "Encyclopedia of Fairies", clown flaps, M.I.B., Flannel Man, esoteric meanings of colors, Commedia dell'arte, Dan Mitchell and the Harlequin, Jeff Ritzman's eerie clown experience, Graham Joyce's "The Tooth Fairy" novel, and much more!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is Funkcake feat. Dee Jay Baby Jay with STFU. This is a live recording of a song written by Joshua Cutchin, and for which he plays Tuba. He said it was recorded back in Sept or Oct 2021.