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The UFOlogy Tarot - Nov 8, 2021

Seriah hosts Greg Bishop, Red Pill Junkie (who maybe should now be known as Miguel-angelo), Joshua Cutchin, and Taylor Bell to discuss a very unique artistic project (in which Susan Demeter is also involved). Topics include Tarot, UFOlogy, Josef Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallée, Bob Lazar, Betty and Barney Hill, Whitley Strieber, synchronicity and serendipity in art, playfulness and enjoyment in UFOlogy, paranormal/occult/esoteric integration, open mindedness, "The Key", secret information in art, alchemical imagery, "Forbidden Knowledge" and "Forbidden Science", Grimerica podcast, "The Four Elements of Financial Alchemy: A New Formula for Personal Prosperity" by Jacque Vallee, magical squares, Pennsylvania German folk magick, "The Long Lost Friend", anagrams and the information they contain, the artistic process, gazing into the UFO abyss..., and much more! This is a special episode about a truly unique project!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell



Cinema Symbolism with Robert Sullivan - Oct 23, 2021

Seriah interviews researcher and author Robert W. Sullivan about hidden images and symbolism in film. Topics include the 9/11 terror attacks, information moving from future to past, unintentional prediction, alternative explanations of the twin towers collapse, life imitating art/art imitating life, archetypes; the films "Vanilla Sky", "The Matrix", "Fight Club", "Donnie Darko" and "The Patriot" containing synchronistic 9/11 imagery; Gnosticism in film, "The Simpsons", rap group The Coup's planned album cover, "The Lone Gunmen" episode predicting 9/11, the band Dream Theater's album release on 9/11/01, Donald Trump imagery appearing in film and TV, Platonism in creativity and art, "Midsommar", "Hereditary", director Ari Aster, "The Exorcist", numerology in film, Saint John's Day significance and references, allusions linking one movie to another, "The Wicker Man", Christopher Lee, "The Witch", director Robert Eggers, John Dee and Enochian magick, Anton LeVay and the Church of Satan, Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set, the Satanic Bible and the book "Might is Right", Satanic panic, false memories, the film "House of the Devil", alchemical cinema, occult casting, deep analysis of "Joker", "Black Swan", director Richard Kelly, "Donnie Darko", "Back to the Future", personal synchronicities in film, "S. Darko", "The Box", "Dark City", Valentinianism, Dr. Daniel Paul Schreber, Saint Albertus Magnus and AI, Saint Thomas Aquinas, the golem, Hermeticism, Giordano Bruno, mnemonic devices, the movie "Evilspeak", astronomical allegories, and much more! This is a fascinating discussion with a true cinephile who can identify a dizzying array of Easter eggs and references in numerous movies!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music by Seasons of the Wolf with Reignite the Sun



Researching the Paranormal with Joshua and Taylor - Oct 28, 2021

Seriah welcomes Joshua Cutchin and Taylor Bell. Engaging discussion ensues, focusing around the hands-on techniques involved in doing paranormal research and content-creation. Topics include citing sources, the "paranormal web" of connected subjects, Indo-European horse sacrifice, choosing and narrowing topics, communicating to audiences with varying levels of knowledge, endnotes, spoken vs. written material, witness testimony, evaluating sources, bibliography requirements, apocryphal stories, multiple pillars of support for researching a paranormal topic, authenticity, Graham Hancock, accessing library and archival resources, locating the context of a quote, "Communion" and the Gray Face, serendipitous book finds, speculative non-fiction, high strangeness, reports from Eastern Europe circa the collapse of the Soviet empire, examining subjective experiences, replicating themes in paranormal reports, mytho-poetic similarities, post-modernism, gnosis, the real/unreal binary, the Fortean concept of societal dominants, Terrence McKenna, "Timewave Zero", 2012, 2016, acceleration of societal change, Yuga cycle, cyclical change vs. evolutionary progress, reincarnation, Darwinism, memory palaces, monuments in America vs. Ireland, fate and effort, tantra, changing book prices online, manipulation of "best seller" status, algorithms, problems with consumer polling, internet privacy dangers, online image searching, crowdsourcing, "Don't F*ck With Cats", internet-driven vigilantism, SWATing, alien-human hybrids, recognizing biases, Star Wars, pre-incarnation memories and memories of time spent unborn, reptilians, an anthropological approach to the paranormal, underground bases and underground Fairy Folk, conspiracy theories and their origins, "gazing into the abyss", the economic realities of an artistic career, creative destruction, societal effects of the pandemic, practical advice for would-be creative producers, and much more! This is an engrossing conversation between three very different artists immersed in the paranormal!

Recap by Vincent Treewell




Kundalini and High Strangeness - Oct 16, 2021

Seriah interviews Lindsay on a deep dive into her kundalini experiences. Topics include meditation, a shadow person, the "red glowing eyes effect", chakras, uncontrollable bursts of energy in the body, hot and cold symptoms, OBEs and the silver cord, the 3 knots, energy blocks, psychological issues, transfers of information by touch, a transparent apparition, entities who seem surprised to be seen by humans, a mechanical cuckoo/strange sphere experience, an oddly behaving static globe, electrical phenomenon, the SLI "slider" phenomena, kundalini effecting vehicles, pulsation experiences, strange sounds and voices, distant transmissions of words, the brain's role as filter, universal energy field theory, empathy, Jane Roberts channeling Seth, reincarnation, intuition, energy attracting strangers, encounters with a strange shape-shifting animal, black dog phenomenon, and much more!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is Mouth of God by Meka-Nism



Ghosts of Atlantis: Part 2 with JD Kenyon - Oct 9, 2021

Seriah interviews author, researcher, and long-time "Atlantis Rising" publisher J. Douglas Kenyon. Topics include decay of stars, crystals, Kurt Vonnegut, Neanderthals, Colin Wilson, Stan Gooch, the Carpathian Sphinx, Dr. Robert Schoch, Romanian and central European esoterica, Atlantis and the historical Jesus, parallels between Christianity and ancient Egyptian religion, Atlantis as a global socio-political order, Plato, Minoan civilization, end of the last ice age, Rose and Rand Flem-Ath, Charles Hapgood, ancient maps, Antarctica, alignment of ancient temples, pole shifts, Scott Creighton, live organisms in Antarctica ice cores, the Caribbean, Edgar Cayce, Dr. Greg and Lora Little, the Bimini Road, Pauline Zalitzki, ocean floor formations off of Cuba, sunken ruins near India and Indonesia, alleged "Bosnian Pyramids", Japanese "Yonaguni" structures, Graham Hancock, extremely ancient petrified wheel ruts, Dr. Alexander Koltypin, Malta, Gobekli Tepe, multi-level underground structures in Turkey, Incan monuments and older civilizations, structures on Mars, Richard C. Hoagland, Dr. John Brandenburg, nuclear war on Mars, possible destroyed planet between Mars and Jupitor, cosmic catastrophism, Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet impact, Dr. Avi Loeb and Oumuamua object, crop circles, Australian "saucer nests", fakery and media, Andrew Colllins, academic/scientific peer review and its problems, bias on Wikipedia, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. Luc Montagnier, homeopathy, holy water, morphic resonance, "Eye of Africa" formation, cyclical climate of the Sahara, Jimmy Bright, Edgar Cayce's hall(s) of records, alternative Egyptology, reincarnation, Association for Research and Enlightenment, the "Forbidden" series of books, and more. This is entrancing discussion that connects to so many subjects!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is War by High Council




The Warrens with Adam Sayne - Oct 2, 2021

Seriah hosts Adam Sayne for a deep dive into the work of Ed and Lorraine Warren, their influence in pop culture, and their very interesting connections. Topics include the film "A Haunting in Connecticut", Snedeker family, paranormal reality TV, the book "In a Dark Place", Ray Garton, perception of demons everywhere, the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican II, the Tridentine (Latin) Mass, Pope John XXIII, Pope Paul XI, ecumenism, the Traditionalist Catholic movement, Malachi Martin, the Rite of Exorcism, the Protestant Reformation, translations of the Bible, Society of Saint Pius X, Marcel Lefebvre, the "Orthodox Roman Catholic Church", Robert McKenna, Francis E. Fenton, John Birch Society, anti-communism, Biblical examples of exorcism, Enfield Poltergeist, parapsychological research, Maurice Grosse, Guy Lyon Playfair, "Demons in Seattle" case, apports, Roland Doe, "Exorcism in St. Louis", William Peter Blatty, Spiritualism, Ouija boards, Dr. J.B. Rhine, Rhine Institute, "Exorcism of Emily Rose", "Exorcism of Anneliese Michel", temporal lobe epilepsy, Whitley Strieber, the film "The Exorcist", the "Conjuring" movies as propaganda, the apparitions and prophecies of Fatima, the concept of perfect possession, the book "Michelle Remembers", Satanic Panic, John Zaffis, "Paranormal State" and "Ghost Hunters" TV shows, Detective Ralph Sarchie, Sally Jessy Raphael, skeptic Joe Nickell, people claiming to be sexually assaulted by demons, Perron family haunting, Amityville, Amityville ghost boy photo, Smurl family haunting, book "American Exorcism" by Michael Cuneo, Father Robert McKenna and Ed Warren, and more. This is a fascinating conversation, packed with information!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro by Just a Memory "For the Love of Pity"



Talking Robert Anton Wilson with Greg Bishop and Adam Gorightly - Sept 25, 2021

Seriah hosts Greg Bishop and Adam Gorightly. The discussion begins with iconic writer/philosopher Robert Anton Wilson and Discordianism- and quickly goes... a lot of places! Topics include: 1960's and 70's counter-cuture, RAW's "Winners Scripts" and changing suicidal negativity, "The Illuminatus! Trilogy", Kerry Thornley, Greg Hill, Dr. Robert Newport, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jim Garrison, JFK assassination investigations and conspiracies, the summer of love, psychedelics, libertarianism, Playboy magazine, Discordian names, pranking important people and organizations, the Illuminati, the John Birch Society, paranoia, Live Action Role Playing, Timothy Leery, Disinfo.Con, RAW's unique funeral, zines and the early internet, model agnosticism, Information Awareness Office, John Poindexter, Operation Mindf****, fake Illuminati chart, Robert Shay, "Principia Discordia", Loompanics Publishing, Discordian Popes, Church of the SubGenius, slack, true skepticism vs. anti-belief, CSICOP, James Randi, dogmatism, reality tunnels, ritual magick, RAW's encounter with possible non-human entities, experience of a number of unconnected people with beings from the Sirius star system, Philip K. Dick, Dorris Lessing, Jim Moseley's "Saucer Smear", artist David Huggins, Susan Demeter-St. Clair, temporarily adopting belief systems, the Virgin of Guadalupe, Aleister Crowley, "Mirage Men", strange phone calls and opened mail, magick and co-creation of reality, Dr. Karla Turner, surveilance and mail manipulation of activists, liminal experiences, Dean Radin, laboratory testing of ESP, Lou Elizondo, remote viewing, ego/greed limiting results, drug testing in today's world, people's unease with uncertainty and ambiguity, David Weatherly, Bigfoot, Lyle Blackburn, the paranormal conference circuit and groupthink, UFOs, and more. This is fascinating conversation, loaded with information and unexpected connections!

Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music by Unverkalt with "Solitude II"



Great Pyramid Void Enigma with Scott Creighton: Part 2 - Sept 19, 2021

This is a recap of both this episode and the Patreon one for this show...

Seriah continues his deep-dive interview with author, historical researcher, and alternative Egyptologist Scott Creighton. Topics include the symbolic positions of the pyramid and their link to Osiris, the Pharaoh Khufu, cataclysmic events in ancient times, pole shifts, post-ice age flooding, Project Osiris, huge missing chunks of ancient Egyptian history, hieratic script vs. hieroglyphics, Hans Goedicke, Ahmed Saeed, the possible forgeries of Colonel Vyse in the 1830's, John Shae Perring, J.R. Hill, discrepancies between Vyse's published works and his field notes, the British Museum, anomalies in the Great Pyramid, John Gardner Wilkinson, the true purpose of the pyramids, ancient Egyptian religion and the reason for mummification, missing bodies of pharaohs, Giovanni Battista Belzoni, ritual of Osiris, George Andrew Reisner, empty royal sarcophagi, Egyptian oral tradition, possible uses of statues in the pyramids, Giza power plant theory, Houdin's theory of a spiral ramp to build the pyramids, the "Dendera lightbulb", possible ancient Egyptian balloon technology, apparent Dakota fire pits in ancient Egypt, Montgolfier brothers, evidence the pyramids were under water for an extended time, Sherif El Morsi, grain storage in the Great Pyramid, evidence of an ancient explosion inside the Pyramid and its possible cause, Graham Hancock, Herodotus, Dominique Goerlitz and Stephan Erdmann, problems of carbon dating, Walter Cruttenden's theory of Earth's Sun being in a binary star relationship, celestial procession, the predictive purpose of the Great Pyramid, Earth's rotation changed by a cosmic body, lost history, and much more. This is a fascinating discussion loaded with information!

Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music by Snaig Tharta with "On Remembering"



The Great Pyramid Void Enigma - Sept 11, 2021

Seriah interviews Scott Creighton, alternative Egyptologist, historian, and author of "The Great Pyramid Void Enigma: The Mystery of the Hall of the Ancestors". This is a tightly focused, riveting discussion! Topics include possible alternative purposes for the building of the pyramids (instead of just tombs for pharaohs), British Colonel Vyce's possible forgeries in the 1830's, electronic scanning of chambers within the Great Pyramid of Giza, Zahi Hawass, traditional knowledge of the Coptic Egyptians, medieval Islamic scholars, ancient Egyptian texts destroyed by repeated invasions, the value of oral traditions/legends/folklore, the science of "Geomythology", ancient peoples' memories of celestial and geological events, the world-wide great flood, the ice age, polar shifts and reversals, long-ago cataclysms and extremely drastic planetary changes, Peter Warlow's Tippe-Top Theory, cyclical "flipping" of the Earth, sphinxes, the meaning of east and west, symbolism of the pyramids' locations, the Atomic Core Explosion, Chan Thomas's book "The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms" and its censorship by the CIA, Flavio Barbiero's theory of the Earth being inverted by a relatively small comet, the Dzhanibekov effect of objects in space, the rapid melting of ancient ice caps, the massive concentric rings in the "Eye of Africa", Atlantis, ancient monuments' meaningful positions relative to each other, Charles Hapgood's Earth Crustal Displacement Theory, ancient monuments connected by an algorithmic spiral, Mark Gaffney, the Giza pyramids alignment to the constellation Orion, Robert Bauval, astronomer Ed Krupp, Graham Hancock, inverted star map in ancient Egyptian architect's tomb, the allegorical myths of Isis/Osiris/ Seth, Dr. Virginia Trimble, Alexander Badawy, massively different estimated ages for the Great Pyramid of Giza, passages beneath the pyramids and what they held, messages contained in the construction of the Great Pyramid, Project Osiris, and more. This is fascinating, information-packed conversation!

Recap by Vincent Treewell



Wandering the Silver Screen - Sept 16, 2021

Movie review show with Adam Sayne and Katie of the Night...


Movie List;

* Malignant

* Prince of Darkness

* Prisoner of the Ghostland

* Wrong Turn - Remake

* The Conjuring Movies

* Things Heard and Seen

* Southland Tales

* The Witch

* The Lighthouse

* The Empty Man

* For All Mankind

* Autopsy of Jane doe

* Giallo movies

* Midsommer and Hereditary

* Resolution

* The Endless

* Brand New Cherry Flavor

* John and the Hole

* The Field

* The Hum

* Katla

* Gaia

* Army of the Dead

* Castle Freak 2020

* In the Earth

* Spontaneous

* The Curse of Professor Zardonicus

* Doors

* You cant kill David Arquette

* Tomb raider

* Willy's Wonderland

* Butt Boy

* Synchronic

* Cold Skin



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