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Exploring Ancient Egypt with the Brothers of the Serpent - Nov 27, 2021

Seriah hosts the Snake Brothers in a deep-dive conversation involving their recent trip to Egypt. Topics include alternative history and Egyptology, the Great Pyramid of Giza complex, difficulties in dating buildings and objects, "Pyramid Code", possible purposes for pyramid construction, astronomical alignment, unexplained underground tunnels and chambers, theories of pyramid building and modification, possible ancient sonic technology, lost civilizations, electrum and other mythical metals, fakery in Egyptology, political cover-ups, Antikythera mechanism, Zahi Abass Hawass, Christopher Dunn's idea of "The Giza Power Plant", architecture to create awe, psychological effects of physical surroundings, temples vs. pyramids, consciousness-altering and audio properties of the pyramids, an adventure in a water tank, the Egyptian military and its influence on Egyptology, unexplained holes and chambers, Ramesses II, and much more! This is a focused, yet surprisingly eclectic discussion!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is Boxed Up Memories by Fifty Dollar Dynasty