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Misisng People in the Smokies with Steve Stockton - Nov 20, 2021

Seriah welcomes researcher and author Steve Stockton. Topics include Cades Cove, locations that cannot be photographed, camera anomalies, magnetic irregularities in the Smokey Mountains, Sasquatch, feral human cannibals, Eric Rudolph, Dennis Martin disappearance, ginseng hunting, Appalachian cave systems, Key family encounter, Dwight McCarter, bizarre suicide of an FBI agent, missing people and the sudden onset of unusual weather, strange discrepancies in recovered bodies, boulder fields, Native American lore of rock creatures, the Bennington VT Triangle, David Paulides, maps of missing people, amnesia, "dogs" and "bears" who help missing children, Casey Hathaway, weird similarities amongst those who go missing, disappeared person from a bus, serial killers, Appalachian Trail, killings by animals, tree roots and corpses, portals, Timothy Renner and being Fey-led, a mysterious tree, strange lights in the woods, the Fairy Folk, paradoxical undressing, body temperature, Edd McKinley, unusual suicides, voluntarily missing people, Derek Joseph Lueking, Thelma Pauline Melton, old-time drivers license issues, Trenny Lynn Gibson, Laura Riste host of, conspiracy in the assassination of President Lincoln, impersonators of famous criminals, bear attacks vs. plane crashes in the Great Smokies, bizarre weather phenomena, ghost stories, and much more! This is non-stop riveting conversation!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music by Sax Myle.