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Wandering the Road with Red Pill and Super Infra Man - Nov 6, 2021

Seriah is joined by Super Infra Man and Red Pill Junkie. A wide-ranging discussion ensues. Topics include hypnotic regression, remote viewing, anesthesia and its side-effects, false memories, channeling while in altered states of consciousness, DMT and other psychadelics, "The Spirit Molocule", past life regression and reincarnation, Dr. Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum, Seth, spiritual families that stay together through incarnations, anomalous memories and skills, Dr. Julia Assante, future life progressions, waiting rooms between incarnations, life-contracting and pre-incarnation choice, the nature of time, a paranormal experience involving foreknowledge and a video game, video game technology and the subculture of cheat codes, gaming pop culture, "Rabbits" podcast, "Hellier", synchronicities, card divination, Randonautica, "Tanis" podcast, re-booted Riddler/Zodiac Killer in next "Batman" movie, John Dee's scrying mirror's Aztec origins, Micah Hanks, Aztec deities and the fear of uncertainty, John E. L. Tenney, perspectives on length of life, the wit and wisdom of pro wrestlers, extremely ancient human-built structures, archeological anomalies in Oklahoma, lost history, time travel, Luis Elizondo, electro-magnetism, "The Electric Universe" theory, break-away civilizations, Charles Dellschau, Walter Bosley, Sonoma Aero Club, the theatrical performance aspect of the paranormal, Herbert Schirmer, Mike Clelland, exhaust from futurist power sources, George Knapp, and much more! This is one of my favorite types of episodes: wonderfully rambling in countless directions!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is The Day Fell by Meka Nism