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The UFOlogy Tarot - Nov 8, 2021

Seriah hosts Greg Bishop, Red Pill Junkie (who maybe should now be known as Miguel-angelo), Joshua Cutchin, and Taylor Bell to discuss a very unique artistic project (in which Susan Demeter is also involved). Topics include Tarot, UFOlogy, Josef Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallée, Bob Lazar, Betty and Barney Hill, Whitley Strieber, synchronicity and serendipity in art, playfulness and enjoyment in UFOlogy, paranormal/occult/esoteric integration, open mindedness, "The Key", secret information in art, alchemical imagery, "Forbidden Knowledge" and "Forbidden Science", Grimerica podcast, "The Four Elements of Financial Alchemy: A New Formula for Personal Prosperity" by Jacque Vallee, magical squares, Pennsylvania German folk magick, "The Long Lost Friend", anagrams and the information they contain, the artistic process, gazing into the UFO abyss..., and much more! This is a special episode about a truly unique project!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell