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Researching the Paranormal with Joshua and Taylor - Oct 28, 2021

Seriah welcomes Joshua Cutchin and Taylor Bell. Engaging discussion ensues, focusing around the hands-on techniques involved in doing paranormal research and content-creation. Topics include citing sources, the "paranormal web" of connected subjects, Indo-European horse sacrifice, choosing and narrowing topics, communicating to audiences with varying levels of knowledge, endnotes, spoken vs. written material, witness testimony, evaluating sources, bibliography requirements, apocryphal stories, multiple pillars of support for researching a paranormal topic, authenticity, Graham Hancock, accessing library and archival resources, locating the context of a quote, "Communion" and the Gray Face, serendipitous book finds, speculative non-fiction, high strangeness, reports from Eastern Europe circa the collapse of the Soviet empire, examining subjective experiences, replicating themes in paranormal reports, mytho-poetic similarities, post-modernism, gnosis, the real/unreal binary, the Fortean concept of societal dominants, Terrence McKenna, "Timewave Zero", 2012, 2016, acceleration of societal change, Yuga cycle, cyclical change vs. evolutionary progress, reincarnation, Darwinism, memory palaces, monuments in America vs. Ireland, fate and effort, tantra, changing book prices online, manipulation of "best seller" status, algorithms, problems with consumer polling, internet privacy dangers, online image searching, crowdsourcing, "Don't F*ck With Cats", internet-driven vigilantism, SWATing, alien-human hybrids, recognizing biases, Star Wars, pre-incarnation memories and memories of time spent unborn, reptilians, an anthropological approach to the paranormal, underground bases and underground Fairy Folk, conspiracy theories and their origins, "gazing into the abyss", the economic realities of an artistic career, creative destruction, societal effects of the pandemic, practical advice for would-be creative producers, and much more! This is an engrossing conversation between three very different artists immersed in the paranormal!

Recap by Vincent Treewell