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Great Pyramid Void Enigma with Scott Creighton: Part 2 - Sept 19, 2021

This is a recap of both this episode and the Patreon one for this show...

Seriah continues his deep-dive interview with author, historical researcher, and alternative Egyptologist Scott Creighton. Topics include the symbolic positions of the pyramid and their link to Osiris, the Pharaoh Khufu, cataclysmic events in ancient times, pole shifts, post-ice age flooding, Project Osiris, huge missing chunks of ancient Egyptian history, hieratic script vs. hieroglyphics, Hans Goedicke, Ahmed Saeed, the possible forgeries of Colonel Vyse in the 1830's, John Shae Perring, J.R. Hill, discrepancies between Vyse's published works and his field notes, the British Museum, anomalies in the Great Pyramid, John Gardner Wilkinson, the true purpose of the pyramids, ancient Egyptian religion and the reason for mummification, missing bodies of pharaohs, Giovanni Battista Belzoni, ritual of Osiris, George Andrew Reisner, empty royal sarcophagi, Egyptian oral tradition, possible uses of statues in the pyramids, Giza power plant theory, Houdin's theory of a spiral ramp to build the pyramids, the "Dendera lightbulb", possible ancient Egyptian balloon technology, apparent Dakota fire pits in ancient Egypt, Montgolfier brothers, evidence the pyramids were under water for an extended time, Sherif El Morsi, grain storage in the Great Pyramid, evidence of an ancient explosion inside the Pyramid and its possible cause, Graham Hancock, Herodotus, Dominique Goerlitz and Stephan Erdmann, problems of carbon dating, Walter Cruttenden's theory of Earth's Sun being in a binary star relationship, celestial procession, the predictive purpose of the Great Pyramid, Earth's rotation changed by a cosmic body, lost history, and much more. This is a fascinating discussion loaded with information!

Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music by Snaig Tharta with "On Remembering"