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Listener Stories - June 19, 2021

Seriah discusses listener stories with Natalie, Super Infra Man, and Chris Ernst. Topics include a listener story about a literally disappearing road, the Mandela Effect, other realities, dream phenomena, a listener story of a bizarre fog, other mysterious fogs and entities that appear in them, "sending someone a dream", a listener story about strange lights in the woods while hunting, Joshua Cutchin's theory that light stimulates the pineal gland to produce natural DMT, Natalie's light experiences, a listener story about "8 sitting gods", dream logic, Natalie's experiences with the entity who appears to both her and Heather, a listener story about horrifying "dreams" as child while living on a U.S. Army base that had previously been a Nazi forced-labor camp, phenomena interpreted through various lenses that include religion, a listener story about a near-identical dream shared by 2 people that appears to be a visitation from a deceased loved one, a listener story about a night visitor who left a mark and a feeling of memory-removal, a listener story about unexplained bending of silverware, Edgar Cayce, odd physical components in folk magick ritual, and more!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro mustc by Vrangvendt with Sleep Dread




Supernatural Skulduggery with Joshua Cutchin and Natalie - Nov 14, 2020

Psychopompery, Messengers, Djinn, Liminality, and duality. A treasured cow skull. A much loved cockatiel. Many moths and spiders The Fae Ingredients for what Joshua Cutchin calls the “paranormal soup”? Perhaps. But each is an element in the narrative which Natalie continues in this episode. The first part of her narrative with Heather can be found here. Joining Seriah and Natalie is noted author Joshua Cutchin, who has written and spoken extensively on the paranormal and the Fae. Enjoy! - Recap by Patricia W.

Joshua’s webpage, including a list of his publications and interviews, can be found at:

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YouTube design by Natalie as well.

Outro Music is "Bullet's Don't Argue" off of the new album from Lyle Blackburn's band, Ghoultown!



High Strangeness - October 31, 2020

Recap by Patricia W - Trigger Warning: If you had the misfortune of being stalked, skip this episode. For the rest of you, read on. The best thing about a bad dream is that it ends. You may wake up shivering from cold or fright, look at the bedside clock and be comforted by the knowledge that in a few hours you will start getting ready to go to work, where you will have a new appreciation for boredom. But what if your unsettling dreams decide to cross the line, to invade your everyday world without warning? What if the creepy guy in your dream becomes the creepy guy in the passenger seat of your car? What you really will need is a Friend. In this episode Heather and Natalie relate their unsettling experiences with...what? An archetype that does not have the good manners to stay within the pages of a textbook? If there is an upside to these uncanny events, it is the friendship of these two women and their ability to laugh at what is no joke.

Outro Music is Sleep Dread by Vrangvent



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