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About This Show

When it comes to unexplained phenomena, it is just that. Unexplained. We try to approach this from as many different ways as possible, and to throw out the assumptions that have driven research for a very long time. These strange experiences people have, no matter what you want to label or catagorize them as, are real in some way. They have been reported throughout history and across cultures. If nothing else, they are a very Human experience. None of the theories we have may even come close to divining what we are actually experiencing, if they did, we would have some answers. We do not know what Reality is, what life or death are, or truly why we are here. We do know that our senses filter much out, and our memories do not work like we think they do. New approaches are needed if we are ever to make any progress at all in understanding what we are interacting with. Some of that comes from understanding ourselves, and some of that comes from having a truly open mind in confronting those things that defy explanation. We need new eyes, perspectives, and better questions. That is the goal of Where Did the Road Go? To go places that have not been tread before, and explore new things from new angles. To leave the well worn road, and wander...


Eric Ouellet on Illuminations: The UFO Experience as a Parapsychological Event - April 2, 2016

IlluminationsEric Ouellet joins me for a fascinating discussion of his new book, Illuminations: The UFO Experience as a Parapsychological Event. He proposes that we should examine the UFO Phenomenon as we would a poltergeist case. It's a novel way of looking at it, and may ultimately play a part in solving this enigma.


ERIC OUELLET is professor of Defence Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada, and at the Canadian Forces College (Canada's Joint Staff and War College). He has a Ph.D. in sociology from York University (Toronto, Canada), and he is the liaison officer for Canada with the Parapsychological Association. He has published parapsychological work in the Australian Journal of Psychology, EdgeScience, and the Bulletin Métapsychique. His other research works focus on military sociology and war studies.

You can check out his blog at


Richard Cranor Star Leaf, Consciousness, and Kundalini - March 26, 2016

Rcranor HS1Richard directed a film called "Star Leaf", currently on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play and starring Russell Hodgkinson of the hit SyFy zombie show "ZNation", and it has an original take on the paranormal connections between cannabis, extra-terrestrials, PTSD, and parallel universes. We discuss the movie, and then get deeply into his own experiences with Poltergeists, Demons, Kundalini, and more. 


Working in the film industry since 2003, Richard’s notable works include Katana (2009), starring Yuji Okumoto (Karate Kid 2, Pearl Harbor), Ned Luke (Grand Theft Auto V), and John Koyama (Breaking Bad, The Last Samurai) as well as GodMachine (2012), starring Robert Leeshock and Von Flores of Earth: Final Conflict. Richard’s resume also includes corporate and industrial work for clients such as Microsoft, the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Perkins Coie, the American Cancer Society, and many others.



Robert W Sullivan on The Royal Arch of Enoch - March 19, 2016

RobertSullivanimageRobert W Sullivan returns to the show, this time to talk about his 2012 book, The Royal Arch of Enoch. We talk freemasonry and all it's connections, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, NASA, Hollywood, and why Masonic Ritual was so important.


Robert W. Sullivan IV is a philosopher, historian, antiquarian, jurist, theologian, radio/TV personality, writer, lawyer, and the best-selling author of the books "The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism" (2012) and "Cinema Symbolism: A Guide to Esoteric Imagery in Popular Movies" (2014). He is currently writing "Cinema Symbolism 2: More Esoteric Imagery from Popular Movies" as well as his first work of fiction, "A Pact with the Devil: The Story of Elizabeth Burnblack and her Involvement with the Occult, Black Magic, and the Dark Arts." Sullivan is also working on another book on Masonry titled "Freemasonry and the Path to Babylon." Mr. Sullivan is a Freemason having joined Amicable-St. John's Lodge #25, Baltimore, Maryland in 1997; he became a 32nd degree (Master of the Royal Secret) Scottish Rite Mason in 1999, Valley of Baltimore, Orient of Maryland. A lifelong Marylander, he resides in Baltimore.



Jim Harold on True Ghost Stories Volume 4 - March 12, 2016

JimHaroldI welcome back to the show Jim Harold to tell some stories from his latest book, True Ghost Stories: Jim Harold's Campfire Volume 4



Jim Harold is America’s most popular paranormal podcast host. With his two free flagship programs, The Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold’s Campfire, Jim has developed a loyal following that spans the globe. In addition to his free podcasts at, Jim also hosts a series of premium podcasts on the supernatural and related subjects at

As a result, he has also become a published author with his Campfire series. The first book was originally published by traditional publisher New Page Books, and since then Jim has taken the books independent. All four books are available in eBook and paperback at and via The first three books in the series have been #1 Supernatural Best Sellers on Kindle at various times and the newly released Campfire 4 is well on its way.


Meet the Hybrids with Miguel Mendonca and Charmaine D’Rozario-Saytch - March 5, 2016

meet the hybrids front coverOn this show, I discuss with Miguel, the co-author of Meet the Hybrids, and one of the Hybrids, Charmaine, the idea of Hybrids, hypnosis, memories, why they believe it to be extra-terrestrial in nature, and much more.


Meet the Hybrids was written in 2015 by Miguel Mendonça and Barbara Lamb, with the assistance of eight hybrids (and any number of guides, whether ETs, angels or higher selves).

It is the first major book to give a voice to the hybrids directly, allowing them to share their fascinating experiences and important understandings with others in their own words. This book tells not only their stories, but those of the ET races of which they are a part, and other races which have guided them.

The book is structured around interviews and informal conversations with the hybrids, conducted through 2015. Although we used a standard set of questions – to give us a way to compare across experiences – we let the conversations evolve naturally, as each person has their own focus. Every conversation was enlightening, expanding and challenging in its own way. We would spend the next few days thinking about each interview, and particular ideas or experiences they had shared. It is likely we will continue to do so as they are often wise, insightful and require a personal expansion to be able to accommodate them.



Gabriel Roberts on The Hermit, Psychedelics, and Altered States - February 27, 2016

The HermitGabriel Roberts returns to the show to talk about his latest book, The Hermit, and we get into different ideas about Psychedelics, Altered States of Consciousness, UFO's, and what it may all mean... We also talk about his new website, Eris Magazine


Then ending music for this show is provided courtesy of Craft of Unknown Origin. The song is Glassworld Machine Elves, and you can find more about them here.


James Willis of Ghosts of Ohio - February 13, 2016

James WillisOn this show I speak with James Willis of the Ghosts of Ohio. We speak not only of ghosts, but strange cryptids, UFO's, Folk Tales, and much more...


Not since the Headless Horseman went charging through Sleepy Hollow has something come out of the Hudson Highlands of upstate New York as thrilling and chilling as author and paranormal researcher James A. Willis. Fueled by a steady childhood diet of Boo Berry cereal, Creepy magazine, and late-night Vincent Price movies, Willis soon developed a taste for the unexplained and quickly began seeking out all things strange and spooky. When he wasn’t trying to coax the boogeyman out from under his bed for a photo shoot, Willis pondered such eternal questions as what happens to us when we die, is there life on other planets, and what possesses someone to decorate their house with 1,001 milk jugs? In 1999, after spending more than 15 years chasing after ghosts and visiting crybaby bridges, Willis moved to Ohio and founded The Ghosts of Ohio (, a nationally recognized paranormal research organization. Willis has grown the
organization to well over 35 members in three divisions throughout the state: Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. In 2004, in what seemed to be destiny, Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman, the brainchilds of the Weird US series of books, approached Willis and asked him to contribute to their latest volume, Weird US. To date, Willis has been involved with 6 books in the Weird US series. He is the co-author of Weird Ohio (2005) and Weird Indiana (2008) and was also a contributing author to Weird US (2004), Weird Hauntings (2006), Weird US II: The ODDyssey Continues (2008), and Weird Encounters (2010). Willis’ unique and offbeat writing style was officially recognized in 2006 with his induction into the Grand Order of Weird Writers. In addition, Willis has been a contributing author to several books in the Armchair Reader series, including Weird, Scary & Unusual (2008), Armchair Reader Goes Hollywood (2010), and Haunted America (2011). In 2012, Willis struck out on his own with the publication of Haunted Indiana.

For 2013’s The Big Book Of Ohio Ghost Stories, Willis crisscrossed Ohio to bring readers over 75 of the Buckeye state’s most famous (and infamous) ghosts. Willis’ latest project, Ohio’s Historic Haunts: Investigating the Paranormal in the Buckeye State, was a joint effort with Kent State University Press. Released in late 2015, the book approached hauntings and ghost stories from a historical perspective and chronicled Willis’ personal experiences when locked inside of some of Ohio’s most haunted locations. A sought-after public speaker, Willis has given presentations throughout the United States, during which he has educated and entertained tens of thousands of people of all ages in crowd sizes ranging from 10 to well over 600. He has also been featured in more than 75 media sources, including CNN, USA Today, Columbus Business First, Midwest Living, The Canadian Press, and even the Kuwait Times. Willis currently resides in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife and daughter, a Queen-loving parrot, and three narcoleptic cats.

Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Hoosier State James A. Willis

End Music "Gore Orphanage" by Vindicator


Steph Young on Mysterious Drownings - February 10, 2016

Steph YoungSteph Young returns to the show to talk about the rash of mysterious drowning deaths, for lack of a better term. Steph has been researching this data for years, and it has been included in all of her books, so with this conversation she discusses all the different paths it has taken her down. Although there are no definitive answers here, Steph isn't afraid to explore a lot of different ideas. Although these are often called drownings, they are usually not. Young college age students found in the water, in ways that make no sense. Often there is no certain cause of death, and they tend to be found to have died on land. There are obvious patterns, but nothing that explains who or what the culprit may be, or why...




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