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Tom Blaschko on Calculating Soul Connections - May 24, 2014




Where Did the Road Go? Show Archive



Tom Blaschko has an interesting piece of work, entitled "Calculating Soul Connections", where he attempts to shows the connections between the physical world and what could be defined as our souls. We discuss various aspects of the book and how it came about. 

Tom Blaschko earned a Bachelor’s degree in astronomy from the California Institute of Technology and a Master’s degree in developmental psychology from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He is a third degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, where he learned about ki, the martial arts aspect of the life force. Tom’s scientific influences include research by Rupert Sheldrake on morphic fields, Ian Stevenson’s studies of people who remember past lives, analysis of the effects of Emotional Freedom Techniques and other energy healing, and research on ki by Kuo Kanshin and Shigeru Egami’s group.
Beyond the scientific research there are thousands of stories from seemingly credible people who have talked with angels or fairy folk or apus or djinn, seen ghosts, and lived in Dreamtime. Rather than discredit these reports, Tom asked the question: What needs to be added to Western science to make these stories possible? It was a two-item list: souls with chakras and a fifth force called the life force. Both of these are accepted in many cultures, so nothing new was needed.
Currently, Tom lives in the Pacific Northwest where is working on his next book, We All Have Souls and I Think I Can Prove It.

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