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Where Did the Road Go?

Lovecraft and the King in Yellow - Sept 3, 2022

Artwork by the always awesome Mister Sam Shearon. Purchase a print and check out more of his artwork at his store -

Seriah is joined by an all-star round table (Taylor Bell, Walter Bosley, Chris Ernst, and Super Infra Man) to discuss H.P. Lovecraft and his many influences and connections. Topics include Lovecraftian fiction, Robert W. Chambers, Ambrose Bierce, cosmic horror, Kenneth Grant, Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley, synchronicities, "The Magical Revival", atheism and religious experience, Mike Clelland, paranormal entities and interactions with humans, the Aeon of Horus, artists picking up a mystical message unconsciously, muses, Robert E. Howard, the terrifying abyss of knowledge, "The King In Yellow", City of Carcosa, Lake of Hali, George R.R. Martin, "True Detective", Nic Pizzolatto, deep occult references, Epstein and Maxwell, Lovecraft Historical Society, Blue Oyster Cult, "Flaming Telepaths", film vs. VR, ritual in film, "Corpse", connections between Lovecraft and Crowley, Peter Levenda, Cthulhu, weird parallels between Crowley and Lovecraft's writings, August Derleth, "Weird Tales", Daniel Harms, Grady McMurtry, "Impossible Landscapes", "Call of Cthulhu" RPG, Lovecraft's wife Sonia Greene, Joseph Fink, "Welcome to Night Vale", writers of speculative fiction who deny any interest in the paranormal, practitioners who deny occult practice, disgraced author Jason Pargin, a Star Wars analogy, fear and denial of the paranormal, IRL dangers of occult practice, Greg Bishop, Susan Demeter, the Necronomicon, the Picatrix, Lovecraft-inspired films, "Lovecraft Country" in art and real life, a possible actual person who may have inspired Lovecraft's recurring protagonist, a tale of fascinating madness, and much more! This is fascinating discussion, not to be missed!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Nightmares by Psyche Corporation



Mysteries of the Unexplained: Part 2 - August 28, 2022

Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie, Super Infra Man, and Chris Ernst to discuss stories from the Fortean classic "Readers' Digest Mysteries of the Unexplained". Topics include a hurricane in Britain, volcanoes on the moon, ball lightning, an astronomer's sighting of a bright light on the moon, a weird fog in colonial Connecticut, W.T. Watson, a mirage of an entire city in Ireland, Jeremy Corbell and Skinwalker Ranch, Fata Morgana, Hy Brasil, co-ocurring earthquake and sunspots and howling sounds, an astronomer's sighting of a micro-planet within Earth's orbit, Tabby's Star, rogue planets, dark days and strange clouds, volcanic activity, forest fires, fire tornadoes, meteorites and lightning, the planet Vulcan, assumptions in science, big discoveries and citizen scientists, a flaming cylinder, Dr. James E. McDonald and fire tornadoes, lunar lights, energy sources on the moon, helium-3, strange bubbles, the yellow day, pyramids or horns appearing on the moon, a bizarre cloud, a wave of darkness in Oshkosh Wisconsin, a dust storm on Mars, strange episodes of darkness, causeless fires, a transient shadow on the moon, a lost Soviet Mars probe, life on Mars, Tesla's received signals, Edison vs Tesla, free energy, Marconi and the death ray, volcanoes and UFOs, the Ufology Tarot deck, a trench-digging fireball, a freakish blast of heat, a weird electrical encounter, an object orbiting Earth, activity in the solar system, a meteor in Russia, public reaction to disclosure, bizarre indoor ball lightning, Garry Nolan and Christopher "Kit" Green, and much more! This is wide-ranging, fascinating discussion!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music from DramaScream with Fire


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