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Where Did the Road Go?

Project Archivist: Stasis 14 Seriah, Lee Lee, and a fever for more Cowbell - Aug 28, 2019

Going back to 2019 when Seriah was on a Stasis Episode of Projet Archivist...

"This week, Roejen reveals all the craziness that's been going on in his life and a Thank you to all., But first, Seriah convinces Roejen to actually do a show and Lee lee returns to helm the co-pilot seat. By the way, Roe has a fever of 101 and is probably toasted out of his mind on Nyquil and Fever ( I was!). We discuss Roadside Paranormal, Zack Baggins, Skin Walker Ranch, The Manson murder house, Do we have a hand in creating the phenomena? Other Podcasts to listen too, And, Because Roe's brain was in Free Float Mode, a bunch of other random topics. Closing Music For The Show:  Garbage- I Think I'm Paranoid."



Veiled Destinies Part 2 with Walter Bosley - Jan 8, 2022

Seriah welcomes author, investigator, and alternative historian Walter Bosley. Topics include Juan Severino de San Pablo and the Inquisition, the 18th century automaton "the bleeding man", the 16th century Portuguese explorerJuan Rodríguez Cabrillo, Hernán Cortés, Tenochtitlán/Mexico City, the age of European "exploration" and the secrets nations kept therein, Hidalgos de Sangre AKA knights-by-blood, the Order of Christ and the Knights Templar, the quest for the North West Passage and its strategic importance, Sir Francis Drake, San Francisco Bay, telluric current and gold, California as an island, Spanish galleons found in the desert, ancient Viking exploration, the Puritans and their influence on American culture, Prince Madoc, so-called "White Indians", Acadians, pre-Columbian European contact in the Americas, a possible pre-1492 expedition by Columbus, Henry Sinclair, Christopher Columbus and Templar symbology, hollow earth theories, Edgar Allan Poe, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Lieutenant Commander Richard E. Byrd III (AKA Richard Byrd Jr.), Operation Highjump, Roswell, Antarctica theories and lore, high-tech break away group, NYMZA, the origin of the U.S. Air Force and the national-security state, disappearing records, telluric current and missing persons, fiction as a tool for advancing ideas, and much more! This is a fascinating discussion that covers a lot of territory!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music by Psyche Corporation with Strange Machine.



Brothers of the Serpent - Episode 99 with Seriah Azkath: June 6, 2019


Seriah's first appearance on the Brothers of the Serpent Podcast.

"For our last episode in the double digits we interview Seriah Azkath, host of "Where Did the Road Go" podcast(which everyone should subscribe and listen to, if you don't already). Seriah has tackled just about every mysterious topic there is on his podcast, and we talk about a little of everything, getting his take on ancient civilizations, poltergeists, UFOs, ghosts, consciousness, physics, cryptids, electric universe, and of course, pyramids."


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