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Graham Hancock's Website, author of many books on a potential Lost Civilization, as well as a book on altered states of consciousness. Of late, he has released a couple of fictional books. His website is a great collection of news acticles, as well as a forum and more. Well worth checking out regularly.

It is also worth checking out Graham's YouTube channel.

Unknown Country

Whitley Strieber's website. Whitley is most famous for his book Communion, and his very personal recollections of his Abduction experience. He has also been also been very active in trying to raise awareness about climate change, from long before it was a mainstream subject. The website is a collection of news, blogs, a bookstore, whitley's radio show, and much more. It's been around for a long time now, and a valuable resourse. Well worth checking out daily!

Two Crows Paranormal

David Weatherly's Blogspot. Weatherly has been a Paranormal Researcher for over 35 years, David is an Author, Paranormal Investigator, Cryptozoologist, and UFOlogist, with over 35 years experience exploring the weird and unexplained. David is the author of The Black Eyed Children and Strange Intruders, which can be purchased from Leprechaun Press.

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