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UFO Disclosure, The New York Times Article, and Some Things to Consider - December 18, 2017

Are UFO’s real? Well, simple answer, yes. UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. There will always be things in the sky that we are unfamiliar with, whether they be natural or artificial. Our own government, as well as corporations (remember the Google Blimp was once a UFO for a short while) likely have stuff none of us know about. But is there something anomalous out there? Short answer, I think, is Yes. Why? Because with the number of sightings that go back throughout history, chances are that some of them are, well, something strange. It’s hard to say today, with all our advanced tech, and who knows how far ahead the deep state is, not to even mention the possibility of a break away civilization. Before a certain point in history, though, WE aren’t what is being seen in the sky, and as has been documented, people have been seeing strange things for a long time. Like with the sheer volume and history of Bigfoot sightings, there is almost definitely something out there, but what it is, is not so easy to define.

Now you have this supposed disclosure in the New York Times that confirms that the government knows UFO’s are real. The people who work in these fields are not stupid, they can see what I said above, they know there is evidence that, well something, is out there that is not us, so yeah, they know. They have known, and they have been watching it the whole time. This latest release, though, basically says that 3 Senators earmarked some money to go to Bigelow and his UFO research. Ok, that is not the same as The Government confirming it is researching UFO’s. Again, they are. They don’t need to admit it, and even if they did, unless they know and can prove what it is, it doesn’t add much to the discussion. The end of the NYT piece basically has Reid stating that they don’t know what it is, and anyone who says they do is wrong. Ok. This is not the White House calling a press conference to tell us that there is an alien or interdimensional presence in our skies. It’s not enough for the skeptics. Yeah, it’s something, but really not much of something. It’s not going to change minds. It’s maybe going to make it just a slight bit easier for people to talk about their beliefs and experiences without ridicule, but then again, plenty of news outlets are treating this like a joke, like a misspending of money, so maybe it doesn’t change that culture much at all.

In a purely personal view, I don’t care what the government knows and what they are willing to share. It is impossible to trust what comes out of them, especially, when it involves former spooks. More than that, though, this phenomenon, whatever it is, seems to have a very personal nature. People who are experiencers are dealt with in very direct ways. It doesn’t seem to want to reveal itself, but it does transform people. I don’t care what people think of my interests, any of them, nor do I need some official statement that this is real. Real research, not to mention personal experiences, are more than enough to know that there is something there. Why do we keep looking to these ‘authorities’ for permission to believe in things? These people lie for a living. It is literally what they do. They manipulate and they lie. You will not be getting any real Truth from them. There are ways to engage this stuff one on one. There is clearly an aspect that is connected to our consciousness. You will not see that on the Mainstream Media. This release doesn’t change anything substantial. I have watched how much gets read into all of this, and it is clear people will see in it what they want to see. We will see if anything comes of it, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Whatever does, will likely be less than what it seems, just like this release. Just like every release. It is likely just another shell game. What is important to keep in mind, is you don’t need anyone’s permission to look into this stuff yourself. Who cares what the mainstream thinks? Develop your own ideas. Stop expecting the answers to be handed to you. People keep making comments about how you have to dance with the devil sometimes, knowing that the people behind this release are spooks, and you know what? They will probably get burned, because that is what happens. There is a bigger picture here, and we are NOT privy to it, both on the Deep State side, and the side of the Phenomenon. 

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