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Asking the Wrong Questions… UFO’s and Beliefs

What are the questions we should be asking to further our understanding of UFO's, the Paranormal... and Everything?

Closed minded people do not help. It does not matter what side of the argument they fall on, whether they be believers or debunkers, if you have made up your mind, you are no longer asking useful questions, you are simply trying to force your views on others. Take the UFO phenomenon. I feel what we can say definitively is that it exists. What it is, well, that is far more complicated. The people who believe it is extra-terrestrial in nature will sometimes be so sure their narrative is right, that they ignore evidence that doesn’t fit their belief system, the same way a debunker will ignore the evidence that there is something significant going on. I think that when you look at the true phenomenon, it has many faces. Most of the evidence that these things are ET’s are antidotal. They come from hypnosis sessions where people find themselves on space ships, occasionally with aliens that tell them right where they are from. And that list is long. I am not going to address the value of hypnosis here, let us assume, when done correctly, by the right people, it is of value. It is still not verifiable evidence. There are those that consciously remember to some degree their abduction experience. Unfortunately, it does not explain what is really happening. If the abduction scenario happens in an altered state, which I think there is a decent amount of evidence to support, then the material retrieved may be very morphic in nature.  If it was a very physical phenomenon, then we would often have cases of people missing when they are taken and found later. I have heard a few cases of people being missing, but there should be a lot more. Unfortunately, even if you can verify someone was missing during what they believed to be an abduction experience, that does not verify where they were. If these abductions are happening all the time, we should have that pop up a considerable amount, there should be regular cases where people go missing, are found where they were before, and remember being abducted. It  doesn’t happen like that. Maybe we are dealing with ET’s that can alter our consciousness. It’s possible, but not provable at this point. I am not dismissing it as a possible explanation, but I think we have done a lot of assuming to get to that theory. They look like space ships, so they must come from another planet. Really? I mean that could be the case, but it seems to me that they really seem to look like what we expect them to look like. And that is interesting. The phenomenon changes as our culture does. A debunker will use that fact to dismiss the reality of it. They, of course, are wrong to do so. But they have already made up their minds. It does not, however, to me, suggest a nuts and bolts visitation. The fact that clear pictures are rare and far in between says the same to me. With all the reports, and all the tech nowadays, we should have some crystal clear pictures if these things were simple material vehicles. We don’t. And our technology also makes it harder and harder to tell the real photos and videos from the fakes. I have long maintained that we will not understand this, or many other aspects of paranormal phenomena, unless we redefine what we think reality is and how it works. These things do not fit. We need a new view of them, and one from a more novel perspective. We take reality for granted. 99.9% of our experience in this world, makes sense. It’s right there. We know how we interact with it, and it’s stable in its reaction to us. The fringe things, UFO’s and the Paranormal for instance, do not fit those criteria, and I think we trap ourselves into trying to make them fit. None of our ideas work 100%, and I think that is because we have some base assumptions about reality that are wrong.

Let’s look at some things about the UFO Phenomenon that are truly puzzling…

  • Dr. Kenneth Ring, in his book The Omega Project, shows some connections between Near-Death Experiencers and UFO Abductees. In particular, both show some of the same after-effects from the experience, and show some similarities in histories and such that may make them more perceptible to the experience.
  • Jacques Vallee has, in numerous books, shown the similarities in archetype between many experiences stretching back through the ages of man. From the fairy faith, to religious apparitions, and much more. These seem to all bare resemblance to one another, yet none look like the technological experience of today. They are possibly, however, the same phenomenon.
  • Dr. Rick Strassman has shown that there are marked similarities between DMT “trips” and both NDE states and UFO Abductions. They are not exact, but again, there are marked similarities. Graham Hancock has also connected this to ayahuasca “trips” and shamanic rituals. All these altered states seem to connect to the same phenomena that are behind the UFO experience.  From my own experience with ceremonial and chaos Magick, I have also seen similarities in my experiences with these beings and those reported by UFO abductees.
  • greyWhitley Strieber has noted the connection with what he calls the Visitor experience and the dead. He has noted a large number of times deceased relatives have been present or have appeared in conjunction with UFO encounters. He has said that the Visitors have something to do with death.
  • When Communion from Strieber came out, as well as Missing Time from Budd Hopkins, those were the first time the ‘grey’ alien image went out across our culture in a big way. Before that, the grey alien appeared in some UFO encounters, but by no means all. You have dwarfs, and goblins, and giants, and humans, etc. Once that ‘grey alien’ image proliferated into our culture, it became a far more common in description in the majority of UFO cases. This, however, did not happen in countries where the books were not published. A debunker would site this as proof these experiences are from the imagination or fraudulent. In reality, it is likely because we cannot see the phenomena for what it is, so we put a face on it. That face may be cultural.
  • It is possible that the aerial phenomenon and abduction experiences are connected in a way we do not understand. The lights in the sky often behave like plasma. There seem to be window areas and flaps, which may be because it has a connection to the earth, and possibly cosmos. Certain conditions, earthly or otherwise, may allow such phenomena to manifest. They may be conscious in some way as many have noted. Maybe they interact with us by altering our consciousness, or maybe whatever allows them to manifest also affects us in those areas and alters our consciousness. The lights morph in an altered state the same way an external sound can enter our dream state.
  • These experiences change us. They are not hallucinations. Hallucinations to not have the after effects, good or bad, that these experiences do.
  • These events sometimes have physical consequences. We see unexplained burn marks on the ground; we have the mystery of the implants, radar traces, and various other things that do connect with how we think reality is. These things seem to move across a barrier that we think is there between altered states, the imaginal realm, and solid material reality. They don’t leave the traces that we expect. There is no definitive evidence of crashed saucers, although many believe they exist, until we have actual physical proof, we can’t say they do. It cannot be used to define the phenomenon without that absolute proof. The government plays too many disinformation games.

This is just a sampling of the depth of this phenomenon. To chock it up to being nuts and bolts ET’s ignores some of the implications of all this. I don’t know what it is. It could certainly be ET in some way. It is definitely alien to us, even if it has been here for as long as we have. It could be inter-dimensional, but that again, assumes such a thing exists. John Keel, in the Eighth Tower, made some interesting observations about how that may exist alongside us, but out of our ability to sense them. We do, after all, only sense a very narrow band of our reality. Strieber may be right when he said They have something to do with Death. I would suggest, though, that we do not know what death is. No more than we really know what life is, or what reality is. We have our beliefs, and our assumptions, but what do we truly understand about ourselves and our world? I think here lies that point, where things get blurry, and we cross over to a new way of perceiving. We can’t do that if we think we know all the answers. Instead, we have to ask better questions. 

-Seriah Azkath (March 13, 2015)

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