WDTRGPart 2 of 2 of a conversation with Greg Bishop and Jeff Ritzmann about the failure of Paranormal groups, and the very aiti-structural nature of the phenomena. Jeff also recounts how delving into this stuff years ago almost ruined his life.

Jeff can be found at http://numinousden.blogspot.com/

Greg can be found at http://radiomisterioso.com/

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WDTRGPart 1 of 2 of a conversation with Greg Bishop and Jeff Ritzmann about how people lose their way studying fringe topics. We also get into Jeff's work on UFO photos, and much more...

Jeff can be found at http://numinousden.blogspot.com/

Greg can be found at http://radiomisterioso.com/

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WDTRGI am joined by Greg Bishop and Jeff Ritzmann and we deal with a question a Pateron, Alfred Tuttle, suggested. "What is the evidence that whatever appears to be behind myriad phenomena (ufo's, sasquatch, fairies, etc) is a non-human intelligence? How do we know it is not a manifestation caused by some kind of collective human unconsciousness? What kinds of questions can we ask to determine which is the case?"

Not an easy question to deal with, we did try on another show, but I felt the viewpoints and Greg and Jeff to be well worth exploring here. Enjoy.

You can find Greg at Radio Misterioso and you can find Jeff at The Numinous Den


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What is Reality?

Jim Elvidge wrote a book called The Universe Solved. I had him on for the very first WDTRG to talk about it. It deals with the universe viewed as a computer simulation. He has a new book coming out on Digital consciousness, and Greg Bishop is working on a co-creation theory of UFO's, that works with a more information theory based model of reality. We discuss all this and more, including the Mandela Effect, and Jim's UFO Sighting. There is an extra bit for Patreons as well.


Greg's Podcast: Radio Misterioso

Jim's Website: The Universe Solved

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It Defies Language is a collection of articles from Greg Bishop. Despite this, it has a nice flow to it, never feels disjointed, and his take on things is refreshing and sometimes unique. Greg covers a wide variety of topics here, from Governmental disinformation, to UFO’s, to personal experiences, to various theories, it’s a very worthwhile read. Greg has a very open way of thinking about all of this material. He will often just throw ideas out there, without being overly attached to them, just to see if they go anywhere interesting. At no point is he mired down in dogma, or stuck like many researchers are, on just one idea. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 05:38

Radio Misterioso - October 4, 2016

Radio Misterioso

I return to Greg Bishop's Show for a roundtable discussion...



On this Roundtable, I am joined by Joshua Cutchin, Michael M Hughes, and Greg Bishop, and we start out discussing the history of Government disinformation and Tom Delong's current 'revelations'. Tom is the former lead vocalist of Blink-182 and has been making the round revealing what his government souces have told him. We compare it to previous incidents like this and try to determine what is going on. Eventually we drift into concepts of what reality is and more...


Check out Greg's awesome Radio Mysteriso!


Seriah is interviewed at length by Greg Bishop in a conversation that goes ALL over the place...

It Defies Language!Greg Bishop joins me to talk about his latest book, It Defies Language! We get into Government Disinformation, Cattle Mutilations, Crop Circles, the SERPO Story, Skeptism, the Name Game, and much more...


Check out the website for the book at itdefieslanguage.com.

Check out Greg's awesome podcast, Radio Misterioso at radiomisterioso.com.



We are joined on this mid-week podcast by Greg Bishop, and we attempt to compare Old School UFO research to modern day. In a perfect demonstration of losing the road, this conversation goes ALL over the place...  Enjoy.