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UFO History 2018 - February 2, 2019

WDTRGCarSeriah is joined by Mike Clelland and Aaron Gulyas as they continue their series on UFO History, talking about the events since the last show at the beginning of 2018. They talk about To the Stars, MUFON, Rendlesham, and a lot more...

Outro Music by Dredneks, "Face of Grey", live from The Last Exit for the Lost.




UFO History 2017 - Jan 27, 2018

UFO History 2017

Aaron Gulyas and Mike Clelland once again join me for another installment of the UFO History series, this time just covering what happened in 2017, like...

* Stan Romanek Documentary and Legal Battle
* Jim Mars passing Away
* Roswell's 70th Anniversary
* Rendlesham Drama
* Mothman Sightings
* Starchild Skull
* Oumuamua
* Sean David Morton
* To the Stars
* New York Times Article

Outro Music is Whirring World by Psyche Corporation.




Strange Experiences, Hypnosis, Bigfoot, and more... - Feb 1, 2017

Strange Familiars

Timothy Renner shares with us some of his weird experiences, the strange 'chessboard' game he's been playing in the woods, what he thought was going to be a bigfoot sighting, early UFO sighting, Magick, his haunted house and more. Mike Clelland and Joshua Cutchin join me to help him make sense of it all.


Outro Music is Sticks from Tuimothy Renner's band, Stone Breath, from the album, Cryptids.



Mike Clelland on Owls, UFO's, and Synchronicity: Part 1 - May 7, 2016

MessengersMike Clelland joins me to finally talk about his book, The Messengers; Owls, Synchronicity, and the UFO Abductee. You can find a previous show in our archive with Mike from 2013 when he was starting this book, but this will go so much deeper into this mystery. Mike is often now known as The Owl Guy due to this research. We will discuss the subtleties of what he investigates, how it all ties together, and what it may teach us about ourselves and the weirdness of the universe. 


His website is


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