Where Did the Road Go?


So on this Roundtable, we first discuss the story of strange knocking noises on the Chinese Space Station. Then we deal with some questions a Patreon had in our AMA post... What scares your round table the most? What are the things in our world that really makes us sit up and say, DAMN, that is interesting or just plain unbelievable?  Who we listen to and respect, besides the run-of-mill standard  answers. What keeps us from going "crazy" looking for answers in fields where most of the times the answers are not what you would think or maybe never be  answered? What are all the people seeing in the cypto field, is it mainly misidentification or are people really seeing a really high number of strange creatures in the jungles and forest? Also why are orbs or lights often seen at night during a strange creature sighting? We talk about all this and more...



Outro music is "Tree People" by David Wirsig. Find him on Bandcamp.

Keith.jpgKeith Linder lived in a very haunted house, known as the Seattle Demon House, or simply as Demons in Seattle, Keith and others had an array of experiences in the house over the course of a few years. and numerous paranormal groups have confirmed this activity with a plethora of evidence. We talked with Jenny Ashford and Steve Mera previously on the show about Steve's investigation of this case, and now Keith fills in the rest. This is Part 1 of 2, the second part will be up next week. Patreons will have PT 2 right away.




BeyondBookCover_front.jpgTimothy Renner's book, Beyond the Seventh Gate cover a lot of territory. We talk about dispelling some urban legends before getting into all kinds of strange tales of Bigfoot, Goatman, Dogman, Albatwitches, Ghost Lights, The Hidebehind, and much more...


You can find my review of the book here

Outro song by Timothy's band, Stone Breath, off the Cryptids CD, "The Hodebehind". You can find out more at his website


I am joined by Adam Sayne of Conspirinormal and Red Pill Junkie as we discuss things like whether humans are in some way bound to the planet earth, would teleportation bring our consciousness along, and other such quandaries. 


Outro Music by Kim Boekbinder, "The Drake Equation" from The Sky is Calling.