Where Did the Road Go?

In Episode 12 we present the story of a piece of history nearly lost; we talk about antique photography; we hear about a blind hero of the Civil War who became an amazing horse trainer; we learn the value of research; tell about a trip to the Antiques Roadshow; and talk about some interesting synchronicities…. or maybe just wondrous coincidences.


Episode 12 notes and links:

Blind Joe Parsons – the tintype image as we found it.

Illustration from a newspaper article showing Joe Parsons on the battlefield.

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The song which closes the episode in Hymn to the Angelus II by The Forest Beggars (with Stone Breath) – words by E.A. Poe, music by Forest Beggars. This song is available on CD only – from Virgo, Mater, Domina – a bonus disc which comes with the 2CD  and box set version of Stone Breath‘s The Shepherdess and the Bone-White Bird which is available at this link: https://stonebreath.bandcamp.com/album/the-shepherdess-and-the-bone-white-bird

The Unseen HandThe final part in this interview with Jenny Ashford. In this part we talk about violent poltergeists and demonic possession. We talk about The Bell Witch, The Black Mausoleum, The Warrens, and much more... We also get into some possible explanations for these cases.

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WDTRGThis show was not done with the involvement of either Steph Young or David Paulides. This is not meant to cast blame or besmirch either party, only to clear the air, using the facts and points of view of those involved. Seriah was involved in trying to smooth things over at various points, and having read all of both authors' books, had a very significant angle to view this all from.

If you are expecting this to be controversial or to attack either author, you will be disappointed.

You can find the blog entry referenced with links and more exposition at http://wheredidtheroadgo.com/blog/item/355-david-steph-7-14-17


The Unseen HandIn this part we talk about strange fluids, including blood, that have manifested in Poltergeist cases, as well as Firestarters, Apparitions, Gef the Mongoose, and more... Some very strange material.

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The Outro Music was from Psyche Corporation, the song is Nightmares.



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