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Where Did the Road Go?

Strange Familiars: Episode 35: Screams in the Forest

ScreamsintheForest_art.jpgTimothy and John head back to Michaux Forest where they meet Kelly and Mark (along with Ben and Cayden). Kelly and Mark experienced a fearful night of horrid screams and awful smells while camping back in 1985. They had not returned to the site since that night but met us in the forest to tell their story where it happened. Then Timothy goes to a local park to investigate a very recent report of strange activity.



Episode 35 notes and links:


Strange Familiars: Episode 34: A Lifetime of Experiences

lifetimeart-2.jpgTimothy speaks to Jeff regarding his lifetime of strange experiences from ESP to spirits, shadow people, a werewolf-like thing, a strange cryptid and more.

Episode 34 notes and links:

The cover image is an illustration by Timothy.

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Intro and background music by Stone Breath. You can find more at

The song which closes the episode is Candle, Corpse, and Bell by Timothy. This song appears on Timothy’s new album Fallow





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