Where Did the Road Go?


This is the final part of the UFO History series that we started around 2 years ago with Mike Clelland and Aaron Gulyas. We cover Tom Delong, Military Abductions, Modern Hybrids, Wikileaks, Signals from Space, Dyson Spheres, and finally, the People from Earth TV Show. 


Outro Music by Devo Spice, "Nothing but Truth".



In Part 10 of our 11 Part series on UFO History, I am joined again by Mike Clelland and Aaron Gulyas, and in this part we discuss the Sirius documentary, The Roswell Slides, the Disclosure Hearings, Art Bell, and The X-Files. 


Outro music is from Eliza Rickman, the song is Pretty Little Head from her album O, You Sinners, available on Bandcamp.



In Part 9 of our ongoing series on the History of the UFO Phenomenon, Mike Clelland and Aaron Gulyas join me as we take on some of more recent events, the Norway Spirals, The Baltic Sea Anomaly, The rise of drones, and the debut of Ancient Aliens.


Outro Music by Devo Spice, "Nothin' But Truth". Available at www.TheFump.com

Part 8

On Part 8 of our UFO History series, we cover the late 2000's. We talk about Budd Hopkins last book, his death, the controversy with his ex-Wife, the death of Dr. Mack. Mac Tonies ideas and Death. The Stan Romanek saga, and much more...


Mike and Aaron

In Part 7 of this long running series, we talk about Steven Greer and his CSETI project, as well as The Disclosure Project, Richard Boyland, Rick Strassmann, and much more...


UFO6In this episode we cover the late 1990's. We discuss hoax videos, and how technology was making it easier, John Mack, Dr. Reed's Screaming Alien, Art Bell, The Heaven's Gate Cult, Implants, Black Eyed-Kids, Hybrids, and much more. 


WorkingAaron Gulyas and Mike Clelland return for our next part in covering the history of UFO's. After 2 parts spent on the 1980's, we finally move on to the 1990's. 


Among the subjects we discuss;

  • Belgum Triangle UFO Wave and Black Triagles in General
  • Confrontations, Revelations, and the UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union by Jaques Vallee
  • David Jacobs
  • Kenneth Ring's Omega Project
  • The X-Files
  • Strieber's Breakthrough and Secret School
  • The Alien Autopsy Hoax
  • El Chupacabra
  • The case Witnessed by Budd Hopkins was based on
  • The Phoenix Lights
  • Mexico City UFO Flap
  • 50th Anniversary of Roswell

1990 2

This show covers more on the 1980's with Mike and Aaron. We get into some of the events, hoaxes, and mysteries of this time frame...


Mike's website is hiddenexperience.blogspot.com and you can follow Aaron on facebook.

Aaron Gulyas biopic

This was supposed to be Part 4 of the history of UFO's with Aaron and Mike Clelland, however, Mike fell asleep. So we talked to Aaron about his new book that was just released, The Paranormal and the Paranoid: Conspiratorial Science Fiction Television. We also went into Roswell, the slides, 911, and the new book on conspiracies that he is now working on. Very diverse and far ranging conversation. 


You can follow Aaron on facebook.


Aaron and Devo

Something different for Where Did the Road Go?, this initially aired on our music show, The Last Exit for the Lost, and this interview is for fans of Doctor Who. Seriah talks with Comedy musician Devo Spice, and we play some songs from his Doctor Who concept album, "I am the Doctor", as well as author of various Doctor Who articles and a book, Aaron Gulyas. Aaron, of course, is a frequent guest on Where Did the Road Go?

We discuss how they got interested in Doctor Who, the nature of the show, it's history, it's current incarnation, and some of the strange stories that surround it. It's a fascinating conversation if you're a fan.


You can find more of Aaron Gulyas' work here, including his other books that he has been a guest on the show to discuss.

You can find Devo's site here, and may also want to check out TheFump.com as well.

If you enjoyed this, let us know and we will do other things like it in the future!

Below is the music video for "Lost in Time" from I Am the Doctor, edited by Seriah Azkath.

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