Where Did the Road Go?

Starships.JPGGordon White is the host of an excellent podcast called Rune Soup, and that is where you can find links to all that he does. He has also written a few books. In this show, we talk to him about his book, Star Ships. It attempts to find our lost history by tracing our myths and esoteric teachings. We talk lost civilations and atlantis, magick, mythology, the failings of science, and much more...  Joshua Cutchin also joins me on this show. This is part 1 of 2, with an addition 20 minutes or so for Patreons.



In this roundtable, we talk about some of the weirdness that surrounded our Fortfest appearance, the latest new on the antikythera mechanism and what it really may mean, and, set off by the movie, The Body, we discuss religious perspectives, as well as some political ones, and delve just a bit into conspiracies...


DavidThis is a far reaching conversation about the survival of star myths in our world, why, and what they may mean. We look at the commonality of these myths worldwide and what that suggests. David also touches on their pratical use in everyday life. We get into how he got to this point of understanding and the huge transition he went through. 


David Mathisen is the author of The Undying Stars and of the recent multi-volume series Star Myths of the World and how to interpret them.

His work presents evidence that the world's myths, scriptures and sacred stories are based upon a common system of celestial metaphor, and teaches you to hear and interact with the myths in the metaphorical, celestial language in which they are actually addressing us.

He believes that the world's ancient myths are a precious inheritance given to all humanity, and containing wisdom with profound relevance for our lives right now, wherever we are.

David's Website: www.starmythworld.com

Some extra reading material about some of the material we talk about...

The Samson story in the Bible

Video related to the Samson story

Some discussion of Revelation chapter 9 and how it relates to Scorpio, Sagittarius, and other constellations and features in that part of the sky

12 pieces of evidence that argue for a spherical earth

Several articles about evidence that earth might have once undergone a "big roll";









Jenny Ashford joins us to talk about her second non-fiction book, The Rochdale Poltergiest, co-authored with Steve Mera. We talk about the case, other similar incidents, some of her own experiences, and her horror fiction.

Website: www.jennyashford.com


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